Dr. Peiting Lien PT, DPT, NCS of The Johns Hopkins Hospital is the newest Original Strength instructor

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Dr. Peiting Lien PT, DPT, NCS of The Johns Hopkins Hospital is the newest Original Strength instructor

1/17/2018 - Original Strength Systems, Fuquay-Varina, NC proudly welcomes Dr. Peiting Lien to the Instructor Team Team.

A leader in teaching health and fitness professionals how to maximize patient buy-in and results, Original Strength is honored to welcome Dr. Peiting Lien as their newest instructor.  Dr. Lien has served as an assistant at several OS Pressing RESET workshops, as well as several OS Clinical workshops over the past three years.  She has provided attendees with invaluable information on how to best incorporate the OS RESETs into patient care.  

Owner of Barrows Physical Therapy and OS Master Instructor, Dr. Dan Barrows DPT said, "Having Peiting as a fellow instructor with her vast knowledge of neurological conditions and her involvement in a leading teaching hospital is awesome! She brings a fresh and unique perspective to our teaching...Such a great asset to OS.”

Peiting has been part of the Johns Hopkins organization, including the Clinical Faculty, since 2008 after earning her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Boston University Sargent College.  Her career began in her home country of New Zealand where she received her Bachelor of Physiotherapy.
Asked why she chose OS, Lien said, “It is so simple, yet so effective. OS has allowed me to be stronger, remain injury free and efficient in how I move while working and playing outside.” In talking about her patient care, she added, ”OS is the missing link to the compliance and consistency of most people to stay with a home exercise program. Patients feel the difference very quickly and easily as it meets them right where they are, motivating them to keep going! It is a powerful way to allow patients to feel movement and be encouraged to see what else they can accomplish. Best of all is to see them return to the things they loved doing in the past or taking the self-limiters off to live life.”

"Patti is a wonderful addition to the OS team. She has a passion for helping others, is dedicated to excellence, she has tremendous knowledge about the human body, and she truly understands Original Strength. Having Patti on our team will make all of us better", said Tim Anderson, co-founder of Original Strength.

Using a good, better, best method, the OS System helps patients rebuild their strength by resetting their reflexive control allowing them to start where they are. Professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, and NHL use OS RESETs to improve their sports performance. OS allows anyone, at any age or physical condition, to live life better and become capable of doing what they want to do whenever they want or need to do it - the purest definition of strength.

Original Strength Systems, located in Fuquay-Varina, NC (Raleigh area) teaches health and fitness professionals how to obtain better results from and for their patients and clients.  OS offers a unique method of re-introducing the human developmental movement patterns into a person’s life. If you want to help others move again and provide them with hope and restored strength, visit OriginalStrength.net to learn more or contact John Usedom (John at OriginalStrength.net).

Find other OS Certified Professionals and arrange for an Original Strength Screen and Assessment (OSSA) by searching the OS Certified Profesisional page.

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