Double Life Changer

Categories: Stories Nov 02, 2018

From our friend, Jeff Woodward...

My experience with Original Strength started several years ago when I saw Tim’s work mentioned online.  It was either a Dan John article or something on the RKC list, but I bought a copy of “Becoming Bulletproof” and started rocking and rolling.  Over time I started pressing reset as a warm-up for my workouts, but never made it a daily habit.  I’ve been playing Tai Chi since the early 90’s and my morning movement routine was built around my Tai Chi practice.

Fast forward to this April.  An earache turned into a 104 fever and landed me in the hospital for 6 days.  The doctors called it a “superbug”, and it fried the nerve in my left ear.  100% hearing loss.  My vestibular system was too damaged to do Tai Chi, when my eyes moved across the horizon, I became profoundly dizzy.  That’s when I discovered the power of Original Strength.

Breathing, gentle rocking and nods started me on the path to recovery.  Rolling was too intense.  Sensory overload.  My recovery was nothing short of miraculous. Within two weeks I was able to do a little Tai Chi.  Within a month, I was doing some light bodybuilding.  Today, 6 months later, my lifts are up and my ruck times are down vs before I got sick.  Not huge improvements, but at 59 consistent gains are hard to come by.  Considering where I was 6 months ago…amazing.  Now my morning routine combines Tai Chi and a Reset, and I feel fantastic!

The crazy part of my story is that I actually had signed up for a July Pressing Reset Workshop back in February.  Funny how when you look back at life sometimes it seems like there was a plan, but when you’re in it, decisions seem so random.  And the Workshop came along at the right time for me.  My wife’s father had died a few weeks before the workshop after a long illness.  She was the primary caretaker and was emotionally spent and physically had not been taking care of herself.  After the workshop she started joining me for morning resets.    I asked that she join me for 40 resets to really experience the system, but after a few days she was already a believer.  Interestingly, the first impact she felt was at an emotional level, describing her experience as a reduction in tension and increased clarity.  Over time the physical benefits have been more apparent (feeling stronger and more tied together when carrying our 3-year old grandson!), but what has her Pressing Reset every day is the tranquility she gains from those few minutes on the floor.

Thanks to Tim and the OS team for all you do. The impact on our lives has been outstanding, truly life changing for both of us.

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