Do You Know You?

Categories: Blog Oct 29, 2018

Have you ever heard or read any stories about a pauper who did not know he was a prince, or a poor person who did not know they were wealthy, or maybe an ugly duck that did not know she was a swan?  I think maybe we are all familiar with stories like these, not because we’ve heard them or read them, but because we live them. I believe all of us go through life not truly knowing who we are. There are a few of us who have an idea at times, but not a clear one, just a glimmer of an image of who they can be or should be. Then, there is that rare, “crazy” person who just knows. You know this person, they seem so weird, wild and strange. Yet, at the same time they seem so free, so joyful, so alive. Those weirdos...

What if we were all supposed to be the weirdo; free, joyful, alive? I can tell you there is more to this life than we know, there is more to our stories than we see, and there is more to us than we allow ourselves to be. I know this for certain. But I can’t prove it to you. Even if I could, it wouldn’t matter. Unless you realize what you are, unless you discover for yourself what is inside of you, nothing anyone else tells you or proves to you could or would ever matter because it will be surface knowledge coming at you from the outside, when what you need is inner knowledge coming through you from the inside. 

You know this, but you don’t. If you’ve ever felt a restlessness or gnawing in you that something is off, something is missing, or there is more, that’s the inner knowing trying to get your attention. But if you’re like me, you look around, shrug your shoulders, dismiss this inner fantasy trying to creep out and you go on being “normal.” 

Normal - the lie that tries to rob us all. It’s normal to grow old. It’s normal to become obese. It’s normal to take medications for cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure. It’s normal to sit all day. It’s normal to not know who or what you really are because it’s normal to believe the lies we see or the lies we tell ourselves to see. 

I know I said that it wouldn’t matter if I could tell you for certain that there is more to you than you know. But it could matter if I tell you and you let it seep down inside and stir up your inner knowing. If it resonates, maybe you’ll search it out and let this knowing come up through you. Maybe you can begin to see through the lies of normalcy. It’s worth a shot, right? 

Here is what I believe I know...

    • You are wonderfully made. 
    •  You are made to be strong: healthy, fit, resilient, robust, tenacious, gritty, patient, gentle, and bold. 
    • Your design actually proves this in how it continually attempts to renew and restore your body, in how the inner knowing of what you really are continues to try to stir your soul to see through the normal lies around you. 
    • You are meant to be free from fear. 
    • You are meant to love freely. 
    • You are not weak - no matter your circumstance or your thoughts about your circumstances.
    • You are not alone; on the outside or the inside, unless you choose to be. But even then you won’t succeed because that is not the design. So again, you’re not alone. 
    • You are the prince or the princes, the king or the queen.
    • You are the beautiful swan. You are the mighty eagle. 
    • You are the hero.
    • There is more to this life than you know.
    • There is more to you than you allow. 

I haven’t told you enough, but everything I’ve told you is true. But don’t believe me. At best, consider what I’ve said and measure it. Seek it out. It is true? 

Or, look at all of that differently and ask yourself, “What if?”

What if I am a hero?

What if I was meant to be strong, always and in all circumstances? 

What if I were free from fear and free to love? 

What if I was wonderfully made? 

What if I am not alone? 

Even if you dismiss all the things I said, at the very least consider your design: You can heal from sickness and injury. You breathe without thought. You have the ability to make others smile by simply smiling at them. You can create new ideas, new products, new art, new words, new cells, and new life. Your potential is limitless - WITHOUT limit. 

Do you know who you really are? Do you believe yourself to be normal? Do you not know you were meant to be a weirdo? Free, strong, joyful, contagious, powerful - that’s what you are supposed to be. Does that resonate with you? If it does, there is a reason for that...

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