Confessions of a Crawling Addict

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A guest post from Original Strength Coach, Sarah Young:

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am an OS crawling addict. I can't get through a day without it. If I feel like I need a little lift, or I'm feeling stressed and I need to chill, crawling usually gets me through. Sometimes a few minutes is my fix, and sometimes I need a stronger hit. But crawling, more often than not, gets the job done. And unlike most addictions, there's no downside. Crawling won't make me knock over a liquor store to pay for my habit. And there's no hangover if I overindulge with crawling. Crawling is free and it's all natural.

But as much as I love crawling, sometimes I need a little something extra to make everything right with the world again. Sometimes I need to do some Original Strength rolling and rocking and nodding to get back to feeling fine. And then there are times that I just need to practice one of the Original Strength Systems mottos: WWBD? (What Would Baby Do?) and focus on my breathing so I can reset to a fresh perspective, a beginners mind. So when I'm having a bad day, and nothing seems to be going right, I take some hits of Original Strength style breathing and ground myself. And that grounding affords me the opportunity to shift from my myopia to see greater possibilities. Then my bad day gets a whole lot better.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I once thought that Original Strength was just about crawling. Then I learned more about Original Strength and thought it was about crawling and rocking and rolling. Then as I began to play with the Original Strength System and all it's resets and I began to realize that Original Strength is about so much more than just crawling. Original Strength is about embracing a beginner's mind and exploring. It's about knowing that each of us was wonderfully made. It's about reclaiming who we were meant to be rather than buying into the canards that tell us at a certain age our bodies are meant to self-destruct and betray us. It's about getting back to the basics of hope through movement.

Now if you've stayed with me so far you may be thinking, "Wow! She's had a bit too much of the kool-aid". And that is understandable. But I have to tell you that after 50+ years on this planet I was beginning to feel pretty hopeless about where my body was headed. My back hurt, my right hip was cranky, my knees would give me a 'come to Jesus' if I ran too much, my neck was experiencing 'functional rigamortis', and my shoulders were so very pathetic in their attempts towards any normal range of motion. Sadly, I was a hot mess. But after practicing Original Strength resets for almost a year my body is no longer a hot mess. I'm moving better and feeling better than I have in over two decades; more likely three decades. I'm sleeping better and recovering better. And, as corny as it may sound, my outlook on life is more hope-filled.

Yep, crawling is wonderful, but there is so much more to Original Strength. The more that is hope. Hope through movement.

Isn't it time you got your hope on?

Sarah Young, M.S., has spent over 20+ years working with people’s bodies. Her ongoing goal has been to help people move better and feel better. To further this goal, she continues to learn and expand her knowledge of the body. On the recommendation of a friend, Sarah attended her first “Original Strength” workshop. She quickly realized the beauty of the movements and simplicity of power inherent in the OS System and began utilizing the resets with her clients: golfers, runners, walkers, rock climbers, clients coming back from hip replacements, clients with back issues, etc. And her clients, while they may have thought Sarah was a bit nuts with “all the crawling and breathing” stuff at first, have been happily amazed at how much the OS resets help them move better and feel better. Sarah believes that OS offers individuals very accessible tools so they can “Press reset” and experience hope thru movement. That’s why she is thrilled to be an Original Strength Coach.

Along with being an Original Strength Coach. Sarah is also nationally certified in massage and bodywork, certified as a ChiRunning & ChiWalking Instructor, and certified as a Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 practitioner. Sarah continues to expand her knowledge of anatomy and movement and is currently studying Neurokinetic Therapy and Functional Movement Systems. She also holds a Masters in Exercise Science and a graduate certificate in Complementary Medicine and Wellness.

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