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Over the weekend, I was at an Original Strength workshop. I really enjoy these workshops because I get to meet friends that I never knew I had, AND I get to see so many faces fill up with joy and hope. It is always wonderful to see someone's face light up when they discover that they can move again, or when they discover that they can regain their strength and mobility. There is a certain look of joy and wonderment that comes over them. I never get tired of seeing that.

This morning, I went for a walk and I was reflecting on the course evaluations that we normally hand out. The first question on the eval is "How did you hear about Original Strength?" Most always, the answer is something like, "from a co-worker", or "Mark", or "a friend." It struck me that people are sharing something that they have received.

What I mean is, Original Strength is shared from person to person, from friend to friend, from those that have to those that don't have. People that experience the power of rocking, or the strength of crawling, are receiving something that is precious to them. They are receiving something that has changed their lives for the better; whether it is the ability to squat, or move without their back hurting, or maybe they even receive hope. Whatever it is they are receiving, it is a gift to them that changes their lives for the better - so much so, that they want to share it. They become givers, for no other reason than to share the hope of moving and feeling better.

When we have been given something that is precious to us, something that changes our lives for the better, when we have a need that is filled - when we receive, we become givers. We share what we have with others.

The power behind Original Strength is not the movements themselves, it is what the movements do. They give strength. They give mobility. They give back lost movement. They give vitality. They give hope. They restore. Do you know how to change a person's life? Give them hope, or restore their hope. This not only changes that person's life, but it changes the lives of others around them. Once they receive hope, they can't help but share it with others. It is given from one person to another.

We were all made to move. But that is not the end of the story. We were all made to become: to become receivers, to become givers - we were made to continually become. None of us were made to shrink inside a cocoon of self withdrawal and depression as we grow older. We were made to continually become, like butterflies: to be vibrant, to share our gifts, our joy, and our hope.

Here is the funny thing: moving, like a child does, can actually help us become. Rolling, rocking, crawling, and walking can actually help us become givers. They can make us want to share our joys, our gifts, our passions, and ourselves with others. Why? Because we were made to move, so that we could become.

We call Original Strength the fastest, easiest and simplest movement restoration system on the planet. We believe that. It was a gift that was given to us. We love sharing it. But OS is not just about movement restoration. It is about person restoration, or your restoration. It's about becoming who we were meant to be.

So, who were you meant to be? A husband? A wife? A dad? A mom? An athlete? A brother? A friend? A smile bearer? A listening ear? An encourager? A shoulder? A hope spreader? A giver?

Yes, we were made to become givers. Butterflies bust out of the cocoon and they share their beauty with the world. They add color to life. That is what we were all meant to do. And it is all suppose to start the minute you take your first breath with your diaphragm. You are hear to add color to the world, to share your gifts, to spread your hope. It all starts with movement.

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