Breaking Muscle Podcast - Featuring Tim Anderson - You Don't Have to Fall Apart At 30

Categories: In The News Apr 05, 2018

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You Don't Have To Fall Apart At 30

Breaking Muscle Editors

Breaking Muscle Editors

 Everybody knows that nobody moves enough anymore. From our morning commutes to our desk jobs, to the backup cameras in our cars, we have created a world where every new piece of technology seems to conspire to make us hold perfectly still as much as possible. All that holding still comes at the cost of lost physical function, but Tim Anderson has made it his life’s work to help people regain those capabilities.

Tim uses simple, approachable movements based on the fundamentals of childhood development to restore the body to its original, strong state. His system is designed so that anyone, regardless of current physical ability, can begin regaining movement proficiency and strength.

Tim chats with Shane Trotter about why movement starts with the head, how everything in the body is connected, and what makes the vestibular system a central part of that connection. He also reveals how he trained for his RKC recertification largely without kettlebells, instead relying on the movement proficiency, work capacity, and grip strength from his daily Original Strength routine. He gives some actionable advice on how controlling your breath can help your mental and physical states, discusses why and how we should start to go barefoot more often, and how the practice of daily resets can bring you and those around you a more joyful life.

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