Natural Stacks - Tim Anderson: Primal Movements and Crawling {OPP 6}

Categories: In The News Jul 15, 2015

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Tim Anderson of Original Strength drops by the Optimal Performance Podcast this week to discuss human movement patterns, crawling, fixing pain and creating master movers.

"If you're unstable on all fours, what the heck are you doing on 2?"

Get ready to optimize your foundation, your strength, and your movement in this unique and fun episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast!


 What You'll Hear From Tim Anderson:

  • Fact Of the Day: The spring in your step really is "use it or lose it"
  • An original Anti-aging secret
  • The original strength training - "if you're unstable on all 4, what the heck are you doing on 2?"
  • How crawling can kick your butt, save your life, and transform your body.
  • Are you FIT enough to pass this crawling challenge?
  • Why protein powders are better than actual cows and how to make awesome protein puddings!
  • "If you can own slow, you can own fast." - how this lesson can help you optimize EVERY aspect of your life!
  • The meat thermometer analogy: "Butt Up = Abs DONE!"
  • The Original shoulder rehab movement - end shoulder pain!
  • Tim's 3 Best Tips to Live Optimally

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