Be Salty

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Do you know how hard it is to help other people when you don't feel good? When you are sick, or injured, is it not difficult to offer your love and attention to those around you? Why? Because your attention is turned inwards. Not because you want to focus on yourself, but your issue contantly clammers for your thoughts and attention, eventually driving them to build worry in yourself so that you develop a tunnel vision from those around you.

It is so hard to smile at someone, or genuinely offer care for someone when we are focused on ourselves. To me, this is proof that we are designed to walk in health and we are designed to be strong, because when we walk in strength, we add salt to the world.

Salt? We were made for community, for family. When we are not focused on ourselves, we can nurture, care for and strengthen those around us. This is like adding flavor to the world and making it a better place - just like adding salt to pasta, it makes it taste better. We were made to be salty.

This is why it is so important that we move every day, that we press reset every day. Movement is the vehicle that is intended to keep our brain, mind and body healthy. When we move as we should, we heal as we should, and we feel as we should. It feels so good to feel good. And when we feel good, it is hard not to give ourselves to others.


When you feel good, you add salt to the world, you add "spice" and flavor to the lives around you. You make such a big difference.

Make a point to take care of yourself, not by worry and internal focus, but by moving the way you were designed to do. When you move, you become free to live and give. When you don't move, your body breaks down and it draws all your attention to it. It consumes you and "removes" you from the world.

You were made to move and add flavor to the world. Therefore, move and be salty.



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