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Yesterday is gone. Last week is over. Ten years ago is just a memory of something that was but is not. Often times, many of us get hung up in our past. We dwell on thoughts of how things used to be, how we used to live, or who we once were. But all of that is gone. It no longer is.

We need to live now, in this moment. This moment is the time that matters. If we were once the high school superstar athlete, or the college phenom, great. But that is not who we are today. If we were once mean, angry, and ornery, well that is unfortunate, but we need to get over it. That is not who we are today, right now.

Now is the only moment that matters because now is the moment we are in. We have all experienced things and made decisions, both good and bad, that shape who we are, but who we are does not have to be who we were.

We need to let the past be the past because the past is no place to live. Now is all we have.

What's the point? The point is deep and very far reaching, but i'll make it really simple:
If you made a bad choice yesterday, if you ate too much ice cream, let it go. Don't condemn yourself over it. Make a good choice today and eat something that is good for you. If you spent the last 30 years on your couch watching TV, that was then. Today, get up and take a walk. Make a new decision to live right now and make this moment shape today and tomorrow.

If you yell at your spouse or snap at your child, it is done. Tell them you are sorry and let them decide to react to that. Make now, a better moment than then.

Some of us get lost in yesterday and we think that our history has set our future, but it has not. Some people may think there is no hope in ever feeling healthy, or being strong and resilient, but they are wrong, unless they choose to live in their past. In which case, they become right.

We can all make choices right now that shape our tomorrow. And we can make now, this moment, matter. If you have lived in pain, or if you think you can never be healthy or enjoy life, decide to change your thinking right NOW. Decide to move and make today matter so that tomorrow is shaped by your outlook and decisions every bit as much as today was shaped by yesterdays choices.

If you believe who you are today is a result of your past history, then who you are tomorrow can certainly be a result of the history you are making today. Make today, make now matter more than yesterday. Live today and expect tomorrow.

Every day, every single day, get in 100 cross-crawls somehow, anyhow. Take a 20 minute walk. Smile at a friend. Pat your child on the back and tell him you love him. Hug your spouse. Erase yesterday. Write today. Expect tomorrow.

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