Ability Re-Possessed from MS

Categories: Stories Mar 12, 2018

From our friend and OS Certified Pro Dustin Martin...

I had a 60 something year old gentleman come to the outpatient clinic with a diagnosis of MS. Left-sided weakness (especially his left leg), poor balance, endurance, frequent trips and sometimes falls because of dragging his left leg. After his initial evaluation, my PT came to me and asked if I thought OS would be appropriate for him. Absolutely! He could not find his diaphragm, was unable to get into quadruped unassisted, could not pick up his left leg to perform seated cross-crawls, couldn't lift a shoulder from the mat with upper extremity rolling, and could hardly get either leg to cross midline with a lower extremity roll. We started with the very basics, and he bought into the process.

Fast forward 24 visits (roughly 14 weeks). He can now get himself down onto and up from the floor effortlessly. He has fallen once since beginning PT, was able to catch himself on the way down, and get himself up without injury. He is crawling across the gym while dragging 20 lbs. behind him, killing some marching cross crawls while lifting that left leg just as high as the right one, can hold an advanced bird-dog as long requested, and through some of the most incredible dedication I have ever seen, is performing get-up rolls beautifully. His neurologist, family members, and coworkers are remarking daily on how much better he is doing.

Through Original Strength, I watched a man with a 3-year diagnosis of MS, who came in expecting this to not be helpful like every other time he has tried PT, and who had absolutely no possession of his body's ability to move... become stronger and more mobile than most "healthy" people of his age that I know.

OS is doing amazing things. Always keep learning, and never stop sharing knowledge amongst ourselves and with those who need it. This stuff is truly life-changing, and I'm extremely fortunate to get to witness it firsthand.

Dustin Martin, PTA
Certified Original Strength™ Professional - Coach
Premier Rehab Physical Therapy - North Richland Hills

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  1. andrew hutchinson:
    Jan 01, 2020 at 03:38 PM

    So many great stories on here of people recovering and getting their lives back and better than ever thanks to OS! Thanks for sharing Dustin.


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