A Prize Inside of Specially Marked Packages

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I'll be honest, I grew up living off cereal. I loved it. I wasn't really partial to one brand over the other, but I did follow a certain pattern when it came to choosing my cereal: the cereal had to have a really cool cartoon mascot, and there had to be a prize in the box. Well, since I am being honest, I often chose the box of cereal simply to get the prize. Believe it or not, there was a time when cereal companies would hide cool toys inside the box of cereal to get kids to buy their product. It worked like a Lucky Charm.

Anyway, the promise of a really cool prize, hidden in the middle of sugary goodness, was a treasure of hope and joy to a young child such as myself. Sure, I liked eating the sugary flakes, pops, and pebbles, but I loved discovering and finding the prize inside. To me, a good prize, made a great experience.

We have a great deal in common with the cereal boxes of my youth. On the outside, we may not be much to look at, or we may seem ordinary and fairly common, but on the inside - on the inside we each have a wonderful prize hidden inside of us.

In truth, we have quite a few prizes hidden inside of us. And just like the boxes of cereal, the good prizes hidden in us make for a great experience ( a great life ).

You might be wondering, "What prizes could possibly be hidden inside of us?" Well, for starters, we have our original operating system, our original movement template, the operating system that is given to us to develop strong minds and healthy bodies. We actually have a program hidden deep within our nervous system that was intended to equip us with all that we would need to mentally and physically enjoy this life we have been given. As children we grow and develop through movement, joy, and curiosity; all parts of our original operating system. This operating system was designed to enable us to really enjoy life and all the adventures it brings.

Perhaps the best thing about this original operating system, the prize within the prize, is that no matter how much we age, no matter how much we keep our operating system in "sleep mode" by not engaging in it, we never, ever lose it. It is always hidden inside of us, waiting to be tapped into, waiting to strengthen us and reveal our potential.

I also mentioned that joy and curiosity we parts of our original operating system. That is true. When we engage in our original movement template, an inherent joy is released, curiosity and imagination come to life again. The world becomes a more fantastical place. And that is by design! We were made to live, to explore, to imagine, to be pulled by wonder. None of us were made for boredom, apathy, or mere existence. None of us were made for a black and white/gray world. We were made for a life of brilliant color and adventure - the life that was actually promoted by the sugary cereal mascots!

There is a treasure hidden deep within you. A treasure that unlocks other treasures and even releases life. Or at least there is a treasure hidden in you that was designed to make you capable of living a life.

Sometimes, I would have to shake the box around, and stir the cereal up to find my coveted prize - which always made me happy. You can do the same thing. Stir yourself up. Roll around on the floor, rock yourself forward and backward, find and tap into your original movement template. Become like a child again and discover the joy of movement, exploration, and curiosity. Become capable of experiencing life and all its adventures. It's as silly as only buying a $4.00 box of cereal for a $0.25 prize. But if you find your prize, you will find an adventure, a life, waiting to be had.

There is a prize inside every one of us.

Stir Yourself Up:
Roll for 3 minutes on the floor - whichever way you want.
Rock back and forth for 2 minutes. Keep your head up.
Crawl like a child for 2 minutes.
Do this everyday for a week. Discover the wonders hidden within you.

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