A Good Marriage

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Are you married? Do you hope to be married one day? In marriage, we often have different names for identifying our counterpart: spouse, best friend, lover, roommate, partner, better half, my woman / my man, old lady, wife / husband, and so on. There are more names often used, but this is a family show. Often the name given to your counterpart, or the view in which you see your counterpart is largely determined by your communication with your mate.

If you talk often, if you spend time together, if you laugh together, you may refer to your spouse as your best friend, or your lover. If you barely speak to each other, if you try to avoid each other, if you never spend time together, you may refer to your spouse as your roommate, or worse. Successful marriages, strong relationships, are often the result of good communication. The exchange and sharing of thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, glances, smiles, shoulders, hugs, and time often lead to solid relationships within a marriage. These are all forms of communication.

Without good communication, a healthy marriage is unlikely. This same notion holds true for the marriage within your body. There is a marriage between your brain and your body. The healthier the relationship between your brain and your body, the healthier you are, the more resilient you are. Your brain craves communication from your body. Sitting around all day, not moving, is the equivalent to not communicating with your brain. Also, the thoughts you keep, the ones you form inside your head, communicate with your body. If you have thoughts of anger or sadness, these thoughts are expressed through your posture, demeanor, and your movements. This would be examples of bad communication.

Communication is a two way street. Both partners have to participate in order for there to be a relationship. Your body needs to move and experience its environment to satisfy the brain's hunger and thirst for information. This helps the brain monitor the whereabouts of the body and it keeps the pathways of communication (the nervous system) sharp and healthy. This also helps maintain a "good", steady emotional state. Your brain also needs to provide good thoughts, good emotions for your body to maintain a steady state of "being." Relaxed muscles, efficient movement, an efficient digestive system, balanced and optimal hormone levels can all be effected by the thoughts we keep, by the communication of our brains.

To have a happy marriage within our bodies, we need to move and move often. We need to give our brain information. We also need to think on healthy things. Seriously, if we dwell on good things, our whole physical outcome will be a great deal "healthier" than if we dwell on negative things - you know this is true. Moving often and having good thinking are kind of like the mystery of the chicken and the egg. If we move often, we are more likely to have good thought habits and if we have good thought habits, we may be more inclined to move often.

The point is, not moving often, the way you were designed to move, is a lot like ignoring and neglecting your spouse. No good can come from this. We were made to move, and we were made for relationship. Everything about your body is in relationship with the rest of your body. Everything about your life is in relationship with those around you. We were made for relationship just as much as we were made to move.

Talk to your brain. Move often. Simply try this: Rock every day 3 times a day for 20 reps per time: 60 rocks per day. Discover how wonderful you will start to feel - how your emotions start to be soothed and relaxed, how clear your thoughts start to become. AND, talk to your spouse, or your kids, or even your neighbor - on PURPOSE, every day. Discover how wonderful your relationships can become. Life is way to short to not enjoy good relationships.

If you need a rocking tutorial, check this out: https://youtu.be/5e08_N8Ca7M

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