Can You Heal from False Beliefs?

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I’ll be honest; I’ve been pretty stubborn in my life. At least, if I’ve got a belief in my heart, I hold on to it until something happens that makes me question it. Usually, this has to be a big something. Maybe we are all like that - we defend what we believe by ignoring or avoiding information contrary to our beliefs. Until we can’t. 

There is a difference between knowledge and beliefs, by the way. Knowledge can be surface-level and easily changed with new, incoming information. Beliefs are usually found at a deeper, core level of our being, usually created through experiences or fears. It’s easy to change our mind on what we know, most of us do it every day when we hear a news, data results, or gossip. We are pretty easy to program with any information. UNLESS, of course, that information has anything to do with what we believe. It’s much harder to change our beliefs with new information. Typically, our beliefs are changed with experience or radical, paradigm-shifting information. 

Here’s an example of what I mean: 

Let’s say someone has experienced a physical trauma, perhaps they were injured. Through the physical pain, the life-altering circumstances, and the emotional hurt, they may begin to believe they are broken and they will always be broken or less than whole. This belief shapes their future experiences and views on their lives. Maybe they own their injury or condition; maybe their injury or condition even becomes part of their identity. They may say things like, “I’ve got a bad back,” “My knees won’t let me do that,” or “I’m too old,” or whatever. These beliefs are born through painful experiences or trauma, and that etches them deep into the core knowing of the person. Through their experience and beliefs around the experience, they become stuck in a false belief system - though one that is true to them. 

Trauma etches belief deep into our souls. Pain and fear are negative belief generators. The only real antidote to remove these beliefs is a radical, mind-altering experience of the opposite kind - a positive experience interrupting their negative belief. 

For example, suppose a person KNOWS they have a bad back, and it has bothered them for 20 years, and it always hurts every time they bend over; the only thing that can interrupt that belief is for them to experience something radically different, like bending over without pain for the first time in two decades. This positive experience creates the opportunity for a paradigm shift, it creates an assault on a false beleif. If something can happen once, it can happen a thousand “onces.” This is how a positive experience can erode the beliefs created by a negative experience. This is how hope springs forth out of despair. 

If a person believes they are broken, no amount of positive words will erase this belief unless those words are followed by or preceded by a positive experience that points to the possibility of truth in the positive words. This is because our beliefs often become part of our identity, and most of us have an identity problem—we don’t know who we are. 

I could write an endless book on this, but I’ll cut to the end. If you believe you are broken, you don’t know who you are and suffer from a false belief system. You were created to heal from the inside out, from the soul to the body, and you are only broken if you believe you are broken. It may seem real because your beliefs shape your experiences, and often, your experiences affirm your beliefs. BUT, you are designed to thrive, be happy, repair, heal, and abound in a “good” life. Yes, pain and trauma or negative experiences happen to each of us, but no, they do not define us, and they should never become our identity. 

We weren’t designed to break. We were designed to be whole. Your body and heart can heal, and your beliefs can change. If you don’t believe this, you must experience your design in action. The best way to do that is to engage and live in your design. 

Breathe through your nose. Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Breathe deep into your belly. Move your eyes and head often, and place them on the horizon often. Take walks throughout the day. Talk to friends every day. Smile on purpose throughout the day. Eat food that is found in nature and not in boxes. Have a regular sleep/recovery schedule. Move your body regularly throughout the day and nourish it with good food, sleep, and friends. That is what you are designed to do, and if you do this, you will experience the goodness and the healing power in your body and soul. You will experience the renewing of your beliefs.

You cannot be broken because you were not created to be broken. You can believe you are broken, though; that’s why it is so important to experience your design. You can heal from anything, even false belief systems. 


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