Tim Anderson on Just Fly Sports Podcast #411: Dialing the Spectrum of Speed in Movement and Performance

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In this episode, Tim and Joel Anderson of Just Fly Sports discuss fluidity of movement, body tension, and creativity, followed by a discussion on utilizing a variety of speeds in training. Much of our talk centers around the benefits of slow movements and how these can, in turn, benefit much higher velocity motions, as well as ideas on how these fit in training complexes. Tim speaks on this and much more in this episode.

Tim Anderson Quotes

“You have to experience what it feels like to you so that you get that connection between your mind and your body. Otherwise you’re disconnected.” – Tim Anderson

“So I’m a huge fan of exploring slow motion in movements. Now, I do primarily do that, like during pressing reset, like say for crawls or rolls or rocks. But you can, you can do it with any, any movement whatsoever. And the beautiful thing about going slow, though, is that it teaches you so much about your body, but it also exposes the areas of, of your movement that you don’t really have control of yet” – Tim Anderson

“Sugar Ray Leonard, like, he was extremely, he was lightning fast, but he would also do super slow shadow boxing to, like, where like it trick photography, slow motion.” – Tim Anderson

“It’s not that going fast isn’t great for you. It’s just that it’s only one end of the spectrum. You got all this other room that you can play in and learn from that actually will help you move faster when you do want to go fast.” – Tim Anderson

“So it’s not beyond just moving slow. Um, is to. To kind of be curious to see where you can move. Like, a lot of times your body will. It’ll give you barriers. You know, a lot of people say, well, I can’t move that way because I get stuck right here. Great. Like, use that. That barrier to learn from it.” – Tim Anderson

“I know correctives are well intentioned, but I think they can be dangerous or mismanaged because if you do start labeling people as broken, they’re going to, that’s what they’re going to. That’s the program you’ve given them and they’re going to run the program. I mean, we are, we are so programmable. – Tim Anderson

“Everybody starts at good because you already know this. A person, if they’re, they have compensations or limitations, they are already moving exactly the way their body is designed because their brain is telling their body to move that way because it’s not getting the information it’s looking for. So they’re not moving bad or wrong. They’re doing exactly what their brain is telling them to do because it’s working the way it’s supposed to.” – Tim Anderson

“If you give me ten minutes of movement every day in a year, you’ve given me 3650 minutes of movement. And you have built a very efficient neural nervous system with all the neural pathways needed to, for those movements to give you complete access to your body with no tension, no fear, no reservation, no limitation.” – Tim Anderson

“When we were children, we got strong by being on the floor. When we’re adults, we can stay strong by being on the floor” – Tim Anderson

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