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What is Faith?

I’ve read somewhere that faith is the substance of things we hope for, the evidence of things not seen. I’ve spent years pondering this and what it means. Somedays I think I know what it means, other days I don’t think I have a clue what it means. A friend of mine once told me that faith is the knowledge of God in operation. I like that definition. When I think of the times I’ve been afraid or when my faith was lacking, it would seem that those were the times when I had very little knowledge of God in operation, or at least I was not putting His knowledge into operation. But there are times also when this definition doesn’t quite work for me. Unless I’m relying on or believing in God’s faith. 

If faith is indeed the knowledge of God in operation, then everything that was created was created from God’s own faith. That means that we are created from God’s faith, that we are the evidence of things not seen, that we are what was hoped for, and His faith is the very substance of our being. Thoughts like that are powerful, and they bring me comfort. After all, how could it not be comforting to think that God hoped for you and that you were created because of his faith in you and for you?

This kind of thinking gets even deeper in my head, though. If I was created from God’s faith, then God literally has faith in me. He believes in me. He’s rooting for me. My very existence is the evidence for that; the evidence for what I can not see but rest assured knowing. 

Then there are parallels, as there always are. What we see is the evidence of what we don’t see. To see a tree’s fruit is the evidence that the tree has roots below the ground working to support the life of the tree. The seed the tree came from was the container of God’s knowledge. To see a person’s expressions (their gifts and talents) is the evidence of what we cannot see - the interworkings of their nervous system, which ultimately gets its direction from the cell(s), the container of God’s knowledge (DNA). You following me? 

It’s all wild, and maybe my imagination is, but I cannot help but get caught up in the awe of our design. Especially in light of the thought that God hoped for us and created us through His faith. And I think that’s a thought worth pondering. We are the evidence of things not seen, whether of things inside of us or of faith that came from outside of us. That’s a thought that brings comfort, and that’s a comfort that just makes life better. 

Think of how good you feel knowing that someone loves you. Think of how good you feel knowing someone you WANT to love you actually does love you. It makes you feel amazing, and that feeling permeates through every facet of your being, and it even helps you move better. Love is the ultimate RESET. It makes everything better. And this is Love - imagining, even if only for a second, that we are the knowledge of God in operation, that His faith is the substance of our being, of what He hoped for, that is a life-changing RESET. And it makes everything better, even how we feel, breathe and move. 

I haven’t fleshed all of this out yet. I’m just talking with you to get my thoughts more organized. I can tell you that I know for certain that it feels good to feel good. And these thoughts I’m having, they feel good. 


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