Old Things Can Become New

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And now, a guest article by OS Professional and Friend, John Usedom Jr....

How do you feel about things that are old? If you are a collector of stuff, you may enjoy finding something old; you may see the value in it. Others of us want new. New is exciting. The new cabbage patch doll, the newest Apple product, the latest Percy Jackson movie, or reservations at the hottest restaurant in town. The problem with new is that new fades once it is found. 

Your eyes see something new, or your ears hear about that latest new thing, and you start to develop a plan to get it. If all goes according to your plan, you get your shiny gadget, and life is good - for a brief while. The next thing you know, new fades into “current,” and current things end up leading us to remember things. 

Most of us want new things. Then, somehow, most of us end up craving the comfort of old things. It’s a funny cycle. We want new. We don’t like change. New fades (changes), and we crave old things through fond, exaggerated memories of how things once were. 

Everything changes. 

We have many new whims, we create new devices, and new fads are hot for a short time and may even make you feel good. Sometimes, the change of new things ends up causing you pain or showing you that you’re not who you used to be. Sometimes, this can be a good thing, and other times, maybe not. A friend often says it’s never too late to become who you were created to be. In other words, it’s never too late to change. 

Change works in both directions. 

New things do become old. But old things can become new. 

For example, Original Strength is a relatively new company that teaches the oldest strength-building routine in the world. It is a system that people have been using since the dawn of man or, for some of you, the first primate.  It is a system tied directly to how each individual body is designed, making it the most personalized strength-building system ever used. The design is so old, it’s original. 

And it’s personal. 

Your vestibular and nervous systems were designed specifically for your body and only yours. In that design was the ability to breathe in a very specific way - it’s the first thing you did all on your own (even if a doctor, nurse, or attendant got you started). Just like that, you began your strength training. And while you were still perfecting your breathing on your own, you became strong enough to control your huge head and all the muscles needed to do that.

Feeling confident and called because it was designed into your brain - and you did not understand failure - you continued to get strong by rolling over. Your fan club went crazy, and you just kept doing it while you built the muscles to support your head, spine, core, and so much more. 

Feeling like you could conquer the world at about four months, you got on your hands and knees, built a wonderful curve in your back, and started building those shoulders, triceps, hips, glutes, and feet by rocking on your hands and knees.

At the top of the world, you began to form your gait pattern. You probably crawled for a while (also building your hand-eye coordination), and then you started walking - the movement you were designed to do. 

Your nervous and vestibular systems continue to improve, and you’ve taken several million proper breaths and created millions of extremely beneficial neural pathways.  From the oldest design, you were made brand new every single day. 

But then… Then you grew up and became something your body was not designed for - a sitter, a stressor, a worrier, and many other things. Sure, your well-designed body adapted to these things, but it still yearns for the “old version” of when you were a young child. 

Old things can lead to brand-new things. Your original, old design can renew you. Every single day.

Pressing RESET, Original Strength’s Movement Restoration System is designed to help you regain some of what you had as a child. It’s a matter of your body telling your brain to clean up the old pathways and get them firing again. You just have to engage in your old ways (movement patterns). If you do, in as little as 10 minutes a day, you will start to notice a difference in how you move, how you feel, and how you think. Once you notice these changes, you will want to do more.

The body can become new or newer again. 

If you want to help your clients or patients meet objectives, recover quicker, and possibly eliminate meds and surgeries, learn how to Press RESET and help them renew their minds, their hearts, and their bodies. 



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