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I get a lot of questions about limitations. Questions asking about pain, weakness, range of motion, strength, and fears. Some people want to know how they should move if they hurt or how they can move so they don’t hurt. Some people want to know, “But what if I can’t do that?” Some people ask about fears and safety; “Is it safe for my knees to travel over my toes?” And some ask about building strength and size. 

Through all of these questions, there is a theme: “Can I?” Or “Am I able?” 

Can I be pain-free one day? 

Am I able to move with freedom of motion? 

Am I safe to move that way? 

Can I get stronger than I am? 

My best answer to all of these questions is, “Yes, you can. You are able.” 

You can move pain-free - that is possible. 

You can get strong enough to perform “that” movement.

Your body is capable of moving in such a way that heals and repairs itself. 

I think most people just need confidence and trust in their design. I think many don’t have that because we, as a society, have done a poor job educating people on the wonders of their design. Instead of everyone embracing their bodies, trusting in their design, and exploring them, we’ve become afraid of them. We have become afraid to move, afraid to trust our bodies, and ultimately we become afraid to live. 

We need to learn to trust our design so that our bodies can take care of us so that we can enjoy them and, therefore, actually enjoy our lives. When we embrace our design and trust it, everything changes; life simply gets better. 

In the hope that it helps, I want to share some of the things I have learned over the last ten years: 

  • We really are wonderfully made. Our bodies are amazing. They are designed to heal, to be strong, to be energetic, to be FUN, to be ENJOYED.
  • We are designed to move in order for our body to function properly as it was designed. That is, movement IS the vehicle that puts the wonder of our bodies in motion. Movement builds us; it creates us. 
  • Movement balances and regulates our emotions which in turn become the “well” that our thoughts spring from. When we move well, we feel well, and as a consequence, we think well. Movement makes us whole in body, soul, and mind. 
  • When it comes to moving, we simply need to start where we are WITHOUT judgment. If we move as we can, regardless of how small a movement, regardless of how ungraceful the movement is, with no thoughts of condemnation, our bodies grow and become beautiful movement machines, and the shackles of limitations begin to fall away.
  • We should move in curiosity for the pure sake of exploring and investigating how we can move. What does it feel like to move in certain ways? Where can we easily move? What movements challenge us? How smoothly can we move? Where do we lack control? What can we learn from how we move? 
  • We don’t need to force movement, and we certainly don’t need to move into pain. Be curious and not aggressive. Learn from your body but don’t try to force it or conquer it. Moving into pain does not equal any good gain; it will only result in further limitation. In fact, pain may be your body’s way of trying to help you learn so you can correct something you’re ignoring or forcing. 
  • Food is meant to nourish us, to provide us with the resources we need to move well, feel well, and think well. Respect food for the resource that it is and the wonder it helps to perpetuate. Respect your body enough to feed it well so that it functions optimally and feels amazing. Be grateful for the nature of food and the design of food. As best, you can, avoid Frankenstein foods. 
  • Thoughts should nourish us too. You’ve never had a thought that every cell in your body has not been aware of. What you think matters and greatly affects your body in every way imaginable. Your thoughts either nourish your cells or undermine them. Learn to cultivate healthy and nourishing thoughts - this is best done by moving well.
  • Your body is amazing, and YOU are capable. Learn to trust your body. Learn to honor it. Learn to enjoy it. It is not meant to be a limitation suit but rather a possibilities suit. It is designed to help you live an amazing life worth living. A life of adventure, laughter, and joy.

Know this: You can - because you are designed to. 

Anyway, these are just some of the things I have learned over the years. I hope you will find them helpful. The bottom line is that it is not only okay to move and explore your design, but it is also essential for you to do so. Just don’t move into pain; start where you are, and learn to trust your design. Oh, and move Every. Single. Day. 


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  1. Vickie Yeingst:
    Aug 13, 2023 at 04:34 AM

    So well beautifully stated Tim!
    That’s why I recovered and why I continue to move!
    Thank you kindly!


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