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In the 162nd episode of The Strength Connection Podcast, Mike and our special guest, Co-founder of Original Strength, Tim Anderson, will talk about why did Tim Anderson call his new book “Be Naked”, we’re made to be breathed, not to breathe, the Wim Hof Method, letting go is the antidote to fear, movement meditation, and much more.

Join us in this insightful and captivating talk!

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In this chapter, you will discover:

(1:00) Introducing our special guest, Tim Anderson, Co-founder of Original Strength, and his new book “Be Naked” https://www.amazon.com/Be-Naked-Tim-Anderson/dp/B0C12B7Z3W

(2:00) Be Naked is the Strength Connection, because of his holistic approach

(2:30) Why did Tim Anderson call his new book “Be Naked”

(3:00) This book is about the second question that God ever asked man in the Bible

(3:30) Who told you that you were naked?

(4:00) We already have all the strength we need, we just need to unlock it

(5:50) Opening Genesis and reading it

(7:20) Go deeper to find the answer

(7:50) “Anything can be fascinating if you really dive into it” - Tim Anderson @original_strength

(8:20) The power of being vulnerable

(8:40) What vulnerable truly means

(9:00) A lot of people are afraid of who they are

(9:30) “Being vulnerable is being brave” - Tim Anderson @original_strength

(10:00) Knowing yourself is a skill

(11:00) The feeling of disconnecting from your body

(11:30) “Most of us are hardly aware of our beliefs” - Tim Anderson @original_strength

(12:50) “If you don’t know your own story it’s easy to adapt someone else story” - Michael Kurkowski

(16:00) Everything has a season

(16:15) When you stop learning you die

(16:45) Sometimes learning is not about trying something completely new, but going deeper

(17:40) “We’re made to be breathed, not to breathe” - Tim Anderson @original_strength

(18:45) What if exhaling were saying God's name?

(19:50) When you inhale and exhale you’re saying the name of God

(21:00) “One single breath can feel amazing” - Tim Anderson @original_strength

(22:20) The Wim Hof Method and Psychedelics @iceman_hof

(23:30) “Let go of the dance between right or wrong, just experience without judgment” - Tim Anderson @original_strength

(24:50) Letting go is the antidote to fear

(25:10) Paul Selig’s work @paul.selig

(28:00) Build your default system

(28:30) Life is movement

(29:10) God please make me the man that I want to be

(32:00) “We’re already Superman, we just need to let go of our past stories” - Tim Anderson @original_strength

(33:10) Who is in charge of your happiness?

(34:30) We get in our own way

(35:50) Simple, not easy

(37:20) Learn how to forgive yourself

(38:10) The Wisdom of Sages

(40:20) Shout out to Dr. Nate Zinsser @DocZinsser

(41:10) Our thoughts are information and information it’s constantly going through our system

(42:30) Unveil, don’t create

(43:50) Is it best to do the breathing exercises first and then do the movement?

(45:10) “The physical is the gateway to the mental and spiritual” - Tim Anderson @original_strength

(46:10) Movement meditation

(48:30) Strength is like the waves in the ocean

(49:00) Shout out to Mark "Rif" Reifkind @rifstonian

(49:20) Shout out to Tim Almond and the joy of training

(51:00) Where to get the new book by Tim Anderson “Be Naked” https://www.amazon.com/Be-Naked-Tim-Anderson/dp/B0C12B7Z3W

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