What Programs Are You Running?

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We are programmable hardware. What I mean is that our bodies express the programs our minds run. The programs our minds run come from the world, and/or we generate them in our own minds. Once a program enters the mind, our hardware, the body, carries it out. 

You have experienced this to be true, only you may not fully be aware of it. For example, let's say that you are listening to the news and they are forecasting some type of doom. Maybe they say a severe storm is coming, maybe they say a devastating recession is looming, maybe they say there is going to be a toilet paper shortage, or whatever. Once you hear this information, it is planted in your mind, and it becomes a program. You may not even think too much about the information, but it’s there. And this information ends up being carried and expressed by your body. Maybe you start breathing more shallowly. Maybe you feel a knot in your stomach or your diaphragm. Maybe you get a lump in your throat. Maybe your jaw gets tight. Maybe your neck gets stiff. Maybe your low back “goes out.” These are some ways the body runs the program. 

Some of us are lucky; we have a built-in program deflector, kind of like an anti-virus system that deflects and rejects the would-be programs of doom. But many of us aren’t so lucky. If information comes to us from a source of authority, it typically carries more weight and gets past our defenses, or we absorb it. The seeds get planted, and they become expressed by our bodies; they further wreck our minds, and this further wrecks our bodies. 

We have to be careful what we allow to enter our ears and eyes. Our brain is always scanning information to determine if it is a threat or not. Negative information, dreadful information, is a threat to our nervous system. It can kick our bodies into perpetual “low level” fight or flight mode (under the radar of our conscious mind) that we carry and express all the time. This can lead to a host of health conditions and “itises.” Negative information is negative programming, and negative programming wrecks our bodies and undermines our health. 

But negative information doesn’t just come to us from outside sources like the news or authority figures, it comes to us from within as well. All too often, we pollute our bodies with toxic thoughts of fear. We generate our own negative programming. Repetitive thoughts of worry and dread become our normal mode of thinking. Thoughts of “I can’t,” “This is going to hurt,” “Things never work out for me,” “She is going to leave me,” “I know something bad is going to happen,” “I am not good enough,” “I’m not strong enough,” etc.


Many of us are ridiculously good at constantly running negative programming. And unfortunately, our bodies and lives are ridiculously good at constantly expressing these programs. The body will always follow the mind. Understand this. Your body will carry out the thoughts in your mind; through expression, action, and disease. 

When we marinate on negative information, when we rehearse and reinforce negative thinking, our naive and gentle bodies will carry out these thoughts and information. And that’s actually good news because our bodies are willing to carry out all the information, positive or negative.

We can literally program our bodies with the information we want to express. We can think and rehearse positive thoughts and outcomes. We can imagine things we want and would love to have instead of things we are afraid of. We can limit the news we expose ourselves to, or we can simply remove ourselves from it altogether. We don’t have to be a pawn in the fear information game. We don’t have to be afraid of our own thoughts. 

We can practice smiling. We can practice breathing. We can practice not thinking or not holding onto negative thoughts. We can practice intentionally planting positive thoughts into our subconscious. We are programmable, and we are going to run programs, so we might as well run the programs that we want to run. We might as well be strong, healthy, and happy. Those are expressions of programs being run. The better we get at positively programming our subconscious, the more resilient we get at deflecting negative programs from entering into it. By intentionally running the programs we want, we increase our ability to express and live the life that we want. 

We are going to run programs. We might as well run the programs we want to run. Protect your body and live an amazing life by avoiding negative programming and intentionally running positive programs. It does take practice, it is a lifelong practice, but it is also a worthy practice. 






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  1. walt:
    Mar 06, 2023 at 05:36 PM

    Your repeated advice to "begin by showing up" for movement practice is a program that OVERRIDES a whole raft of resistances to getting back at it. I'm pretty dedicated to Resets, but had to re-mind myself again this morning that showing up for them is where the good stuff starts. Thanks for the post!


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Mar 21, 2023 at 05:27 PM

      Showing up is where the good stuff starts. Amen!


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