Life Happens

Categories: Blog, Pressing RESET, Circumstances, Mind Matter, Thoughts Oct 25, 2022

I’ve got a friend who injured his back. For about two weeks now, he has not been able to run, which is something he really wants to do. But though he cannot run, he can ride a bicycle and leopard crawl. So that’s what he has been doing. He’s brilliant. He is meeting his body where it’s at and finding ways to move while he allows it to heal. 

And it will heal. 

My friend will soon be running like a deer once again. 

We could make many assumptions about my friend’s injury. A fitness professional might assume my friend got injured because he was careless with an exercise or maybe because he lacked some physical quality like core strength. But my friend is an amazing athlete; he is strong, agile, and well put together. 

A layperson might assume that my friend got injured because he is getting older. But honestly, I don’t think that’s it either because my friend is only eighteen years old. Age can’t be the reason he got injured.

That’s my point in sharing my friend's journey. Sometimes life just happens. Healthy people, “fit” people, can get injured. Young people can get injured. There doesn’t have to be some nefarious cause; there doesn’t have to be a reason to target blame towards. Sure, maybe some physics is involved, but physics happens whenever there is movement. That’s just life. 

And this is the main point I hope you see - things can happen independently of our age. How many of you assumed my friend’s back injury was due to his age before I told you he was eighteen? How many of you would attribute your own back injury to your age? 

Accepting and settling for lies about your health is a dangerous, slippery slope. It hastens your aging because you are believing in your aging. Once you start looking for affirmation through your injuries or issues, you start collecting them and accepting them as the natural order of things. I’m not saying things don’t come with age. They surely do. Things like wisdom, appreciation, respect for time, and love of beauty - age does tend to bring some wonderful things our way. But it doesn’t have to bring bad things our way. We probably do that far more than aging actually does. 

My point is don’t label things. If something undesirable happens to you, let it be and learn from it but don’t label it as “45.” The moment we do that, we give our power to enjoy our health and healing away. Instead, we embrace our power to negatively create what we believe. 

Eighteen-year-olds hurt their backs. Twelve-year-olds hurt their knees. Seven-year-olds get neck pain and stiffness.  Life happens to and in our bodies. It doesn’t have to mean we are falling apart. It doesn’t have to mean we are weak. It often only means whatever it is we believe it to mean. 


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  1. Todd:
    Mar 21, 2023 at 01:08 PM

    Thank you for this message :)

    I recently had my first major injury (a shoulder dislocation) in an accident my second time surfing. I've been hard on myself and questioning/ruminating on how it could have been prevented. But accidents happen! I've still been able to press reset, and rocking has been particularly powerful. Thank you so muchh


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