What Can I Do to Stay Young?

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What can I do to stay young? 

This question comes up in one form or another every now and then. It’s an important topic, and I think it’s probably a thought that runs through most of us after we pass the age of 30. I know I’ve thought about it. Heck, I even wrote a book about it called Discovering You. But I’m not sure everyone has read that, given the questions that come in about longevity and youth. So why not talk about it here? 



What actions can I take to stay young? 

It’s the same question, it’s just phrased differently. Sometimes it can help to rephrase things. 

We can do things and take action to preserve our “youth.” There are also thoughts we can let go of and ideas we can embrace. Let’s talk about these first.

Time happens to us all. Every time we circle the sun, we are here a year longer than we were.  Every time you celebrate a birthday, you likely acknowledge a number that becomes attached to your identity. The higher that number gets, often the more weight it carries. Sometimes we equate these numbers with milestones and rights of passage. At other times we equate these numbers with discounts, fragility, and withering. 

Time does happen to us all, but how we navigate it is largely up to us. Whether or not we grow “old” or stay “young” is often largely determined by the thoughts we keep. This may sound weird, but your birth age is just a number with no significance other than the significance you place on it. You are giving away your youth if you equate a number or certain numbers with getting old or being old. Your beliefs and values of your age will run their programs in your nervous system, and they will be expressed through your body. Then your body will affirm your beliefs about your age, strengthening them, perpetuating them, and hastening them. Your beliefs, and your thoughts on what numeric labels mean, can and do hasten the aging process. 

In other words, if you want to stay “young,” don’t place any value on how many times you have circled the sun. Numbers are labels and can become programs if you place your faith in them or give them significance. Yes, in a way, I’m telling you to be ageless. You can celebrate the day you were born; just don’t count. And honestly, you are simply better off celebrating every day as if it were the day you were born. In a way, that’s the truth of your existence anyway. Every new day can and does usher in a new you. 

Forget your age. Celebrate your vibrance and being.

Ok, now for the more tangible actions. 

If you want to stay “young,” move. Movement is the vehicle that is designed to keep your body and all its members, all its cells, and all its genes healthy, strong, and optimal. Movement is the key to enhancing and optimizing your physical performance, your longevity, your creativity, your cognitive ability, and your YOUniqueness. 

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not telling you to exercise, lift weights, HIIT, or do cardio. I am suggesting that you move in the ways you were designed and intended to move. You were made to breathe a certain way, move your eyes and head, change positions and planes of motion often, and walk. You would be amazed if you just focused on your movement design - if you just did those things I mentioned often and throughout the day, you would feel amazing in your body, mind, and soul. If you could discover how great it feels to breathe, smile, and walk with your head held high, you would discover the part of you that never ages, the part of you that celebrates how good it feels to be alive, how good it feels to be you. 

You don’t have to grow “old,” but you can. You can attach meaning to your age, you can neglect your design by not using it. Or, you can also stay “young” and vibrant through your actions and your thoughts. You can celebrate and smile each day because you are indeed brand new once again. You can move through walking, dancing, playing, and exploring. You can live your best life on purpose by using the body and mind you’ve been given. 

But back to the beginning of the article… What actions can I take to stay young? 

The answer is in the question. 

  • Take action. 
  • Let go of thoughts about aging.
  • Let go of thoughts you don’t want to have or of thoughts you are fearful over.
  • Take hold of the thoughts you want. Run their programs instead.
  • Move. Every day and often, move and engage in your wonderful design. 
  • Explore your breath. Discover the life each breath brings.
  • Move your eyes, head, and body often through all planes of motion, wherever they will let you move them. 
  • Take walks throughout the day. Walk briskly, stroll, strut, saunter. Do this often for the pure joy of being able to do it. Discover the vibrancy, peace, and joy it brings. Peace, joy, and vibrancy - that’s youthfulness without end.

For a more specific plan daily plan on how to move each day to keep and/or restore your youth, check out Tim's Daily 21s in Discovering You. 

Share this information with those you care about and help them to live life better and stronger.

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