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Chances are, you brush your teeth twice a day, on purpose. You probably don’t even think about it; you just do it. It’s a non-negotiable. Sure, on Saturday, you play it cool, and you wait three hours past the time you would normally do, but you still do it. You, your toothbrush, two minutes, twice a day, if not three times a day. That’s your method of operation. 

Why? Why do you do it? What moves you to brush your teeth without thought or inner turmoil? 

Is it because you don’t want goat breath? Maybe you want to keep your teeth? Maybe you’ve heard the new science that a healthy mouth protects BOTH your heart and your brain from disease and damage? Maybe you just want to be nice to others. Or, maybe you don’t really have a reason bigger than, “It’s just what I do. I’ve always done it.” 

Somewhere along the way, maybe with a little fear, a little punishment, a little shame, a desire for health, and a whole lot of repetition, you built a rock-solid habit that you work into each and every day with very little mental effort or strain. In fact, if you were to miss a brushing session, that would likely cause you huge amounts of mental strain and agony. The point is that you have a habit with a deep groove etched into your nervous system that makes this health-enhancing activity automatic two times a day. Wow, I just discovered that “two” and “twice” both start with “tw.” Ha! 

Anyway, you are good at building habits. You may not think you are, but your daily actions and rituals would disagree. So, why not build other habits that could enhance your health far beyond your dreams with little to no effort at all? 

What if you brushed your nervous system twice per day? It’s even easier than brushing your teeth, and it takes 83% less time and effort than brushing your teeth. 

How do you brush your nervous system? 

Cross-Crawl. Or, for the sake of this article, we could call it Floss-Crawl. Get it?

If you performed the Cross-Crawl two times a day for just 20 seconds at a time, that would be like brushing your nervous system to keep it clean, fresh, strong, properly functioning, and healthy. In turn, that simple, too easy, not to do movement would help you to keep your brain efficient, your emotions regulated, your thoughts clear, and your body reflexively sharp. You would move better, think better, feel better and just BE better. 

Twice a day. Twenty seconds at a time. Forty seconds out of your entire day. You could do it before you brush your teeth or after. You could “go crazy” and even do it three, four, or five times a day and it would still take 140 seconds less than brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes. But the impact it would have, which far outweighs the effort by a thousand times, could be life-changing and enhancing. 

I won't promise you miracles from doing the Floss-Crawl, I mean Cross-Crawl, but I can tell you I’ve seen them. I’ve seen this silly, simple, too easy, not to do movement give people their life back. I’ve seen their strength reborn at the speed of their nervous system, all from simply touching opposite limbs together. 

That’s all a Cross-Crawl is - touching opposite limbs together. It can be done on a chair, a bed, a couch, or standing. You can do it in the rain while riding on a train. Or, you can do it when you brush your teeth. 

The miracles I’ve seen, sure, they happened in people whose nervous systems needed the Cross-Crawl at that time. But maybe their nervous system needed it because it wasn’t getting it. What if, as a proactive action, we just performed Cross-Crawls on a daily, regular basis? I know it’s less glamorous than the power of experiencing a miracle in your body when you need it, but it’s no less miraculous if a movement can keep your body from ever needing a miracle to start with. 

I know; the proof is in the pudding. But the only way to eat that pudding is to test this out for yourself. Create a habit of Cross-Crawls twice a day for twenty seconds. Yes, you can do more, but at least do this. Do this every day for 30 days and notice how you feel. Keep a journal. Don’t dismiss “good” moments as just coincidence or things that would have otherwise happened. If you feel good, if you are thinking good, if you are moving well, keep track of it for 30 days. Test whether or not 40 seconds of Cross-Crawls has made any difference in your life. 

But be honest and give it a fair shot. This movement can change your life if you need it. It can also help you to keep the best parts of your life, though you wouldn’t know it unless you lost them. But there is no reason to lose them. Move your way through health by building this ridiculously simple habit. 

Twice a day. Twenty seconds. Touching opposite limbs together. It’s so worth the effort. 


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