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Categories: Blog, PressingRESET Jul 10, 2022

Last week I was at a neighborhood swim meet when I met an old acquaintance from the fire department I used to work at.  It had probably been eight years since I last saw him. We caught up on how everything changes but nothing changes - inside of the fire department. As I did, people come and go, but the job pretty much stays the same. 

As we were about to part ways and go watch our kids swim, he said, “Listen, I want to tell you, those movements you showed me, they work. I do them every day. And, if my back gets angry, I just get on the floor and rock back and forth and it feels better again in no time.” 


I hadn’t seen him in about eight years, but he was still Pressing RESET all this time because like he said, it works. 

And it never stops working. 

That is the miracle of our design. We are indeed wonderfully made and we have been given wonderful movements that help keep our bodies and minds working optimally. 

Breathing, eye and head movements, rolling around on the floor, rocking back and forth on the hands and knees, and crawling - these are the movements that facilitate “miracles.” I say miracles because when something so simple can create such a life-altering change, well it just seems kind of miraculous.

I know it’s not really a miracle. Our bodies are designed to heal and be strong always. It is just so neat how this health and strength stems from the smallest, childish movements. It is indeed a wonderful design. 

But notice what my friend said. He said he does the movements every day, AND IF his back gets angry, he gets down on the floor and rocks to soothe and restore his back. This is important. It’s not that the movements will prevent things from happening to your body - they can and might, but life still happens. But when life happens, and things do happen to your body, these movements can supercharge, or accelerate healing so that you can feel good again sooner. And I think that’s important. 

We are designed to heal and there would be no need for healing if things didn’t sometimes happen. What this means though is that we are not designed to stay injured or become broken. Our body contains a number of things and ways to help it heal, repair, and rejuvenate itself - with movement being a key component of its healing repertoire. 

If you’re not feeling as good as you want to, or if you are trying to recover from an injury (no matter how long ago the injury occurred), Pressing RESET allows you to tap into the power of your body’s foundational and developmental movements. Return to your breath, and the very first movements you made as a child. They were powerful then and they are powerful now. They never stop working. 

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  1. Kalh:
    Jul 13, 2022 at 04:03 PM

    What a great story. It sounds like your advice lasted the the test of time. You gave great advice, and helped someone in the process. Thanks for the motivational inspiration!


  2. Jennifer Sandoval:
    Jul 15, 2022 at 02:03 AM

    Amazing article! I love the way you remind us that there is always HOPE.


  3. Nezih Seyhan:
    Oct 03, 2022 at 12:31 PM

    Hello Tim,

    thank you for Pressing Reset. I do it since half a year every day. My neck, my shoulders feel good. The pressure on my eyes are gone. I lose 4kg weight. My balance is better...PS You have a big Fanbase in Germany. Take care of you...Thank you


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