If Life is About Movement then…..

Categories: Blog Jul 03, 2022

And now, an article from friend and OS Coach, Freddie Wayne Mitchell...

Life is indeed about movement and the quality of movement determines the quality of Life.

Anything shy of quality movement is merely going through the motions and merely going through the motions is an antiquated means of obtaining minimal results from maximum effort.

Get on that pony in the mall or the one outside in front of the supermarket.  Now put in your coin and close your eyes.  Behold it goes into motion rocking back and forth, hold on tight because this beast is at a full gallop.

When your time is up and the pony stops, open your eyes and look around.  How far did the pony take you? Half a mile? Ok, how many feet? All right let’s make it really easy, how many inches?

The answer of course is none of the above. You spent all that time going nowhere fast, well sort of fast.  You spent all that time merely going through the motions and had you spent the whole day dumping coins into the slot, you would have spent the whole day going through the motions and getting nowhere fast. You are not even right back where you started from because you never even started.

Quality Life is about quality movement;  quality movement empowers us. Life, real Life is about powerful movement. Eternal possibility and immeasurable potential reside in this kind of movement.

Powerful movement is a deliberate act and it occurs only when we consciously initiate that movement with an intent; a clarity of purpose and the awareness or the mindfulness of what is taking place in the moment.

Quality movement is a solid rock foundation; a stable base; a place of power.

Once you decide to settle for nothing less than powerful movement of the highest quality you must first own your own presence, take full responsibility, and own up to the truth of your(self).

This means coming to grips with the fact you are authentic, unique, fearfully and wondrously made, and totally responsible for your own thoughts, which become your own words, which reflect your own deeds, which define your own reality, your own Life, your own outcome which means you must declare and then empower your own intent, your own purpose placing all your attention and mindfulness on what now becomes your own individual expression of Life.

Life, that Life in which you live and move and have your being, will back you all the way. It embraces such unfettered avenues as yourself and will constantly expand and find ever fuller expression; Life moving powerfully from within you, through you as its quality expression that just keeps getting better and better.

The sky really is the limit and when that sky runs out of stars, galaxies, nebulas, and other solar systems and universes, then and only then will your potential become exhausted.

Life is indeed about movement and the quality of movement determines the quality of Life.


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