The OS Breathing Reset Course

Categories: Blog Apr 18, 2022

Everything is connected. Nothing is separate from the whole. This is true about the world, the universe, and you. 

We’ve got a new breathing course coming out this week. It’s kind of unnerving and exciting at the same time - because it’s the first one. 

Being the first one, I don’t really know what it looks like yet. I know it will grow for the better over time, but the first one is exciting because I don’t know what will happen. My hope is that everyone there will fall into awe over their body. Part of me hopes that the phrase “Breath of Life” may take new meaning for them because everything about them, everything about you, is connected and built upon how we breathe. 

Think about it. There is nothing in you - no process, no system, no cell, and no thought - that is not influenced by how you breathe. Your breath is the foundation, the scaffolding, and the expression of all that you are. It’s everything. 

Not only that, but your breath literally connects and integrates your body. Your diaphragm is connected to your psoas (the muscle that connects the torso to the legs), and your psoas runs through your pelvic floor. When we are breathing properly, these muscles dance together to keep us connected, integrated, strong, and healthy. When we aren’t breathing properly, we are sending mixed messages to these muscles and it can compromise their function. This can lead to pain, weakness, and lots of frustration because a disconnected body is a body out of harmony. 

Anyway, our breath connects us and makes us more whole, when we use it properly. But when we hold it (and most of us do throughout the day), when we gasp for it, when we don’t allow it to fill us, we are sending a message of fear to the brain: “I’m not safe!’ In turn, the body’s alarms sound. Movement patterns alter, hormones get out of balance, stress levels increase, tension increases, inflammation increases, immunity decreases, peace diminishes, and ease of function gives way to dis-ease of function(s). 

But, the breath of life, the breath of our design, is a messenger of safety, peace, and strength. When we allow our breath to fill us, when we let it dance in and out of us, we allow our body to optimally function and thrive in balance. 

Our new breathing course is not about techniques or hacks, it’s more about returning to our breath, a homecoming of breath, if you will. It’s rediscovering and experiencing the connection and integration of our breath and how it truly is everything. 

And that’s the exciting part. If we can just find that connection, the world will never be the same. It will be connected - from like to like…

To learn more about the OS Breathing Reset Course, click here:

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