Do Fishes Have Feelings?

Categories: Blog Mar 21, 2022

Do fishes have feelings? 


That was a question a friend of mine posed on Instagram. I entertained it. Do fish have feelings…? Maybe they do. After all, I’ve read how talking to plants or playing beautiful music around them can help them grow. If “good,” loving vibrations can help plants grow, maybe plants have feelings. And if plants have feelings, maybe fish do, too. 


I’ve also read that “loving” water can change the vibration of water, and affect how crystals form when it freezes. Water that has been loved seems to form beautiful crystals when it freezes, compared to water that has not been loved. If water can be affected by positive energy, like love, then perhaps fish can have feelings. After all, fish swim in water. 


My friend’s question lead me down this odd path of thought. The answer I came to is maybe they do. Why wouldn’t they? They have life in them. But then my mind wandered further down the wonder path. If fish have feelings, do our bodies have feelings, too? 


This may sound absurd, but many of us treat our bodies like an object. We often ignore them, abuse them, refuse them, abhor them, or tolerate them. But rarely do we love them. And it makes me wonder, do our bodies know? Do they know when we are disgusted with them? Do they know when we are ashamed of them? Do they know when we are angry at them? 


Yes, of course they do. How could they not? 


Don’t be confused. You are not your body. You have a body, and while it knows everything about you, it’s not entirely you. It actually runs just fine without you. It doesn’t need your help to carry out any of its functions or processes. If anything, you sometimes get in the way. But your body is not you, though it is yours. 


And it knows your thoughts. Your nervous system interprets your thoughts and then physically represents them in your body. It knows when you are happy, sad, angry, afraid, and it expresses and stores all of this information in every single cell you have. This means every fiber of your being knows when when you don’t love it. 


And let me just ponder out loud, but if water knows when it is loved, or if love can affect how water forms crystals, you better believe love can affect how your body functions, feels, and expresses itself. If you body is not loved, it knows and it will not feel safe. It will have issues that seem to stem from constantly being in the Sympathetic mode of the nervous system. It will have aches, inflammation, lethargy, and many more issues. 


And don’t kid yourself. Your body does know the difference between when you “care” for it because you love it or when you “care” for it because you’re afraid and don’t trust it. I’m guilty of this one big time. A simple example of this would be exercising to be strong instead of moving because I am strong. Or, trying to follow all the diet “rules” to be healthy instead of enjoying meals because I am healthy.


Anyway, I once heard of a great word of advise that said, “love your neighbor like yourself.” It was even said that this is one of the greatest things you can do. But if you look closely, the heart of that wisdom says to love yourself, then love another and others like you love yourself. 


Boom. Love yourself. Your body certainly knows if you do, don’t doubt that. But if you love yourself - you, a drop in an ocean of people, you can then love others like you love yourself. You can change the vibration of the sea of people that surrounds you. Other bodies, and the people they contain, know when you love them as well. If plants know, bodies know. We are all connected, like it or not, love or not. Which means love is the best option…


I know. It’s all a bit crazy. But that’s how ponders go. 


So, do fish have feelings? Maybe the real answer to that is found in the love you have for your body and yourself. After all, all things are possible to those who love...


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  1. Yanis:
    Mar 21, 2022 at 07:24 PM

    I really love loved this one.

    I realize that's not the most eloquently comment, yet I really loved it.

    Bless you.


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Mar 21, 2022 at 07:33 PM

      I’m so glad it resonated with you!


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