Roy Kent’s Life Lessons

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It’s no secret that I think the show Ted Lasso is the most amazing show ever. It is full of “life.” Recently, I wrote an article called Lasso’s Leadership Lessons. It was a collection of lessons learned from season one of the show. Today, I’m offering Roy’s Life Lessons, a collection of lessons from Roy Kent in season two. This is golden…


  1. Don’t settle for “fine,” or “ok” -  You deserve to feel like you’ve been struck by lightening. Whether it’s with a companion, a vocation, a hobby, or whatever, don’t settle for less than what truly makes you feel alive inside. That rush of excitement, that jolt of lightning, that’s life coursing through your veins and that is the life you are meant to feel every day. To settle for fine is to just get by, to just exist, but there is no life in that. 
  2. Experience new things, but be yourself - You don’t know whether or not you are good at something, or if you will enjoy something unless you experience it. Experience is the greatest teacher, especially when you bring your authentic self to the experience. When you let down your walls of protection or objection and you endeavor on a new experience, you are affording yourself the greatest opportunity to learn something about yourself. 
  3. Every problem has a solution - If you are intent on finding an answer, if you aren’t willing to settle for what your circumstances and showing you, you can find a solution. Persistence and belief can guide you to the solutions you need and want. 
  4. Don’t lose your joy, play - If you lose your joy, your “lightning,” life becomes a chore, or something you just manage yourself through. But if you can find your sense of joy, if you can remember how to play and smile, you can restore any job or chore into an adventure. 
  5. We are not meant to be prophets - We don’t know the future, we don’t know what other people will do, we can’t look at the past to predict the future. We are meant to be here, now, doing what we love. What does it matter what others will do, when we can only affect what it is that we do? What does the future matter when we can make the present powerful right now? Arm-chair quarterbacks only critique and guess, they aren’t actually in the game. They really don’t know anything. 
  6. Be a good coach - We are all coaches. We can all lift up and help others. Often we can see the best in others or we have insights about others from a detached viewpoint. If someone is struggling or missing the mark, and it is within your power to help them, help them. 
  7. Learn to listen - The best way to communicate with someone and achieve the best possible outcome in any relationship, conversation, or situation is to learn to listen. Allow your paradigms to be shifted or even dissolved by learning to listen to the words or actions of others. If you truly listen, you’ll probably learn that nothing is personal, or even about you. 
  8. A hug is the greatest thing you can say - When someone is devastated, no words can adequately help them. Sometimes the strongest thing you can say and the only thing that will heal the hurt of another is to wrap your arms around them. A hug can say the only thing a hurting person needs to hear.
  9. Life is short, don’t waste it - No days are guaranteed and the time you have now is the only gift you really have. Don’t waste it. Don’t hide behind facades and let those close to you know how you really feel. In other words, seize the day. 
  10. Forgiveness is freedom - the only thing that can heal your own pain, the only thing that can set you free from your own prisons of bitterness, is forgiveness. Being able to forgive others not only frees them from a grudge you hold, it frees you from holding life sucking grudges. Forgiveness heals YOU and it allows lightning to enter your veins.


As far as Roy Kent goes, I’m sure there are some amazing lessons of his that I’ve left out, but these really stood out to me. I do think Ted Lasso is one of the greatest shows ever made about the human condition. It’s hard to watch this show and not want to be better. If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso, it’s an amazing show. It presents what we are all capable of and what we were all meant to be - Love.

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