Don’t Let Boredom Take Your Wonder

Categories: Blog, Pressing RESET, Movement, Nervous System, restoration Dec 20, 2021

The five movements, and their variations, we call “RESETS” are quite miraculous movements. They build, renew, strengthen, and improve our nervous systems, our bodies, our minds, and even our emotions. They are simple, easy to do, extremely low risk, and extremely high yield. They can keep help keep you strong and healthy, and they can even help restore whatever it is you think you’ve lost in terms of strength, mobility, health, and joy. We are designed to perform these movements and they are designed to “keep” us. Their power potential is incalculable. 

I love “Pressing RESET,” not just for how it makes me feel, but for what I know it does. I love the power tucked away inside of these simple movements. Breathing, head movements, rolling, rocking, crawling, or walking - everything we need, everything we want, can be found or had through engaging in these movements daily. I believe that. I know that. And that’s why I never tire of doing them or paying attention to them. I am swept away by the wonder of my own design and it is this wonder that has allowed me to explore these movements with boundless curiosity and effortless, committed engagement. 

Think about the wonder for a second. A well-placed, well-executed breath can restore strength, remove pain, remove fear, and invite creativity all at the same time. A simple cross-crawl can wake up a sleeping nervous system and restore strength to a weakened, or injured body instantly. It’s amazing to watch. It’s amazing to feel. 

And that is why I cannot get bored with showing up every day and engaging in these movements. I am so in awe of their power, so thankful they were preprogrammed into my nervous system, that I want to engage them. I want to see where they can take me because I know they were given to me so that I could become the best me possible. These movements are the foundation of who we are as well as the foundation for our potential (this is especially true about our breath). 

Yes, some days I show up and merely do them, but some days I show up and bathe myself in them. Regardless of where my head is and how attentive I am to them, I don’t tire of them. They always leave me a little better than I was before I did them. They always leave me feeling good and they always make my nervous system stronger. 

Do you do these movements every day? You’re designed to.

Do you get bored doing them? Don’t. 

Don’t let boredom rob you of the wonder of your design. Don’t let boredom bury your potential. 

It might sound extreme but you are a whole being. When you move the way you were designed to move, everything about you becomes better: your physical abilities, your mental abilities, your emotional capabilities - all of you becomes better and better day by day in every way. It’s true. 

You are endless potential and you are concretely wonderful by design. Don’t take your wonder for granted, but get lost in it instead: 








Merry Christmas. 

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  1. Rory O’K:
    Dec 20, 2021 at 05:45 PM

    Beautiful. Thanks Tim, and merry Christmas to you too!


  2. Parna Mukherjee:
    Dec 21, 2021 at 06:56 PM

    Please do keep inspiring us.


  3. Vickie Yeingst:
    Dec 23, 2021 at 01:00 PM

    These movements gave me my life back after my stroke last year, and in a very short time. And, forever grateful!
    Merry Christmas Tim, to OS and to all! Great Health is the best Wealth!


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Dec 31, 2021 at 06:56 PM

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Vickie!


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