Saw It With My Own Eyes!

Categories: Stories Sep 24, 2021

I just couldn’t believe today! I reassessed my patient who had chronic neck pain with radicular symptoms in the left upper extremity for over 20 years. The list is so long as to how many practitioners she sought to care for herself.  I simply was curious and took a chance. I introduced her to ORIGINAL STRENGTH resets and if I didn’t see this with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it. Her pain went away completely in one session and it has not returned because she continues to do her resets on a regular basis. She’s over 80 years old and she’s walking her property with her trekking sticks again! She’s improved in all of my objective testing for functional mobility! She even added that when her children speak to her on the phone, they noticed a substantial improvement! She does have respiratory complications and the diaphragmatic breathing can immediately change her pulse ox and prevent her from becoming short of breath. This is just one of many stories that I’ve had since I’ve taken my ORIGINAL STRENGTH certified pro seminar. Thank you all again for sharing such great information. I look forward to my future with ORIGINAL STRENGTH!  I am improving each day.

Holly Ann Firuta - PT, OS Certified Professional-Pro

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