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Reset Combinations

I’m making a huge assumption that if you’re reading this, you know what a Reset is - you know what? I’ll give a brief explanation anyway; it never hurts to brush up on what you know. It is sometimes painful to try to explain what you think you know, though, but here goes anyway!

A Reset, as we use the term in Original Strength, is a simple movement your nervous system was preprogrammed with intended to build your nervous system and serve as a foundation for your physical strength, ability, and health. If you engage in those preprogrammed movements as an adult, they actually nourish your nervous system and begin to restore your body’s strength, ability, and health. In OS we highlight Five Resets: 

  1. Breathing
  2. Head Control
  3. Rolling
  4. Rocking
  5. Crawling

Phew! I’ll never tell how long it took me to express this “brief” explanation. 

Ok, now that that is out of the way, If you’ve Pressed Reset, have you ever combined your Resets? 

Here’s what I mean. When Pressing Reset, we often look at the Resets in their own category or their own stage of development, but in reality, they are fluid and often happen together. For example, we breathe inside and with every other Reset, and everything else we do for that matter. But the point is we don’t have to Press Reset in isolation from another Reset. We can combine the Resets, these wonderful movements, to further optimize our expressions of strength, ability, and health.

One such combination that I really enjoy is Head Led Rocking. It is done by combining head nods with rocking back and forth. I love doing this because it reinforces the body’s design to follow the eyes and head while integrating all the joints of the body, making this combination a truly “whole” and restorative movement.  

Try this for yourself. 

To perform Head Led Rocking, do this:

  • Get on your hands and knees in the rocking position.
  • Look down with your eyes and lower your chin to your chest (flexion).
  • As your chin lowers to your chest, rock your butt back towards your feet and lower your forearms to the floor (full body flexion).
  • Then, look up with your eyes and raise your head up to the horizon (extension). 
  • As your head raises up to the horizon, extend your elbows and rock forward so that your shoulders are over your hands ( the body extending out of flexion).
  • Repeat the combined motions

This is a fantastic combination that combines the goodness of vestibular activation with whole-body joint integration. It provides great information to the brain, restores the nervous system, soothes emotions, nourishes joints, and optimizes posture. In other words, it makes you feel good, and when we feel good, we live life well. 


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