What Do You Believe?

Categories: Blog Apr 26, 2021

I get daily emails of inspirational scriptures from the Bible. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I don’t. Often though, the ones that I read are the ones that I need to read at the time. It’s funny how that seems to work. Anyway, this morning's email said, “As you have believed, so let it be done to you.” (From Matthew 8:13). 


It’s kind of a powerful thought and it has many ramifications. Especially in the area of our health. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all spiritual or all miracle on you. I’m just going to get real. 


We know that the body follows the mind, it follows what we believe. How we think, the thoughts we hold tightly to, greatly affect our bodies. If you doubt this, think about something that makes you really mad and see what your posture and your muscles do. 


Anyway, I think many of us hold our health hostage with our thoughts. We think silly things like we aren’t attractive, or we should diet, or we need to build some muscle, or we aren’t strong enough, or whatever. Then we do silly things like feeling guilty if we eat a slice of pizza, or miss a workout. And then we believe silly things like, “I can’t.” 


And there it is. 


“I can’t” becomes what our minds hold onto and it leads down the only road our bodies are able to follow. 


This is a layered trap of belief, too, a dangerously slippery slope. Because if we think we need to change our appearance, we already believe that there is something wrong with us. Then, if we fail to make the desired change, we snowball into guilt and a deeper belief that we are stuck, stacking one false belief on top of another. 


So it does play out that, “As we have believed, so let it be done unto us.” 


But, belief runs both ways. What if we didn’t need to change our bodies? What if our bodies were only broken because we believed they were. What if we were only unattractive because we believed we were, or weak because we thought we were? 


What if right now, you actually do have the body that you want, you are just believing amiss, and your body is following your belief? 


Seriously, what if you believed you did have the body of Hercules underneath what you think you see, but you learned to see differently? What if you learned to let your belief shape your vision? What if all your thoughts and actions followed that belief easily and naturally simply because you believed it without reservation? 


Along with that, what if you believed your body could heal from anything? I’ll bet you’d be right. 


And, what if you believed guilt and shame was a fool’s game and you knew that you could give yourself grace for anything and everything you did or thought?


Or, what if you believed you could do anything you set your mind to? By the way, successful people seem to prove this all the time...


If you could set your beliefs in a positive direction, don’t you think you would have a relaxed, tension-free body, that operated optimally? A body with no inflammation, no digestive or metabolism issues, no energy issues, and no pain and injury issues. A body that felt free and loved because it wasn’t holding the negative beliefs that it would have to follow? 


I know this sounds crazy, but belief is powerful. Oftentimes, our beliefs set the course for our entire lives, positively or negatively. So it stands to reason that the physical vessel that houses those beliefs will express them. 


What do you believe? 


Consider your beliefs about yourself, about your body, about your life. Don’t let guilt, shame, or fear shape your beliefs and shape your life. Don’t let them wreak havoc and hold your body hostage.


Be free. 


Your body can heal.


You are able.


You can do anything.


According to your belief...


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