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Hi Tim, Dana, and fellow OS’ers!

I’m newly certified Coach (November 2020), and now introducing resets to client (and dear friend too).  She is in her late 60’s with 2 knee replacements as well as tons of nuts and screws (as she puts it) in both feet. She literally had no arches in her feet, and over time it greatly effected her overall gait, posture, and caused years of extreme pain. She was actually losing her ability to walk as it caused so much pain. We are now 2 years post major surgery and she has a deep desire to get back to quality of movement which of course will lend itself to better quality of life.  The first few weeks I just focused on resets just as we did in the full day OS workshop; however, really emphasizing diaphragmatic breathing- (we are close friends so I can tell her to “shut your mouth”).  It’s quiet during our sessions, and I will report an incredible difference in her breath! It is deeper, more relaxed, and at a much slower rhythmic rate. Her marching pattern is slowly becoming more fluid and much better coordinated- and when we slow it down she actually maintains static balance on one foot at the count of 2 seconds. She has not been able to do that- well, she can’t remember when!  Standing Cross Crawls were nearly impossible- now we do them in sync throughout our session. We are now into week 5
(2 x 45 minute sessions a week) and I’m introducing weighted carry’s. When she starts to become a mouth breather, we stop and reset with diaphragmatic breathing/head nods. I’m observing a bit of a quicker recovery as her endurance is improving.  She’s a “gem client” as she is so motivated and leaves the session feeling more able.  We are both elated as we visually see the resets working. On her own, she is walking daily with “intent “- eyes on the horizon, nice and tall with shoulders back, her mouth shut, and being aware of contra-lateral movement of arms and leg.  She tells me she is elated with reclaiming her original gait!  My dear friend does tend to give a “big yawn” when we start with our breathing (standing w/hands above hips)... she says the breathing triggers yawning in her. I admit I had no clue as to answer that- but figured I’m surely in a safe group to ask! 
Thank you for the opportunity to share my story, and please know you have made an incredible difference (and continue to do so) in our lives! - Cecelia



Wow! Thank you for sharing this with us. 

Your friend may be a gem client, but you are a gem trainer. Seriously, you are an EXCELLENT trainer. Very good work, my friend. 

As for the yawns, I’m not sure why she yawns, but I actually have people start out with a yawn, I call it the lion’s yawn, when they breathe. Maybe her body is just priming her to move. It loosens the muscles of the face and helps alertness. The face muscles are connected to the diaphragm. They affect it…! 
It’s pretty neat...

Thank you again for sharing your friend’s progress. You two are doing amazing work! 


Hello (again) OS Family!

I shared last month about my dear friend/client who is 67 with 2 knee replacements and “nuts snd bolts” in her feet and ankles. Despite this, she is tough, so very persistent and determined! Delightful working with her! Today she told me that breathing through her nose is so much easier. As a result, her endurance on long walks has increased tremendously.  We use diaphragmatic breathing as our most consistent reset through our sessions and it is helping her develop “inside strong”!  Did some cadence marching and crawling today- varying numbers of reps and the pace. Wow! Her coordination is so much better. Even maintained static balance on one foot for a moment when marching in “ slo mo”!  Taught her hinge pattern through tall knees, and now we have progressed to weighted hinges and her form is solid.  All in all she is progressing very well (even after a few days over Thanksgiving holiday where her eating and carrying with her family was pure “debauchery” as she put it!).  
I’m also using the resets and giving major shout outs to OS while training Women’s Master Field Hockey players (ages 35-70!) via zoom as they are all across the country.   Again, consistently using breathing as our reset to help increase their endurance, as well as contra-lateral movement patterns to develop well coordinated smooth moves on the field! Totally incorporate a “rock and roll” warmup prior to each session. Utilizing all kinds of crawls, dead bugs, gait bugs, cross crawl bird dogs, skaters, tall knee hinges, etc... and “get ups”!   So good!  More importantly, I share your OS philosophy and sometimes my own personal “testimony” (and I have one but that’s for another time!) using the resets in my own recovery.  
At the age of 61 after beating up my body through years of team sports as well as a major obsession with going to the gym everyday and working out to exhaustion, OS is teaching me another way to explore movement and actually have a better quality of life and well being.  I functionally move throughout my day with much more ease and less stiffness.  Many of these woman can relate, so I’ll continue to utilize OS movement and resets as a foundation throughout our sessions.  Love you guys and so grateful to have discovered you 
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