3 Simple Things You Can Do to Move and Feel Better

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How you move is largely determined by whether or not your nervous system feels safe. When your nervous system feels safe, when it is getting the information is wants and needs to feel whole, complete and safe, it will generally allow you to move well with ease, strength, and fluidity. When your nervous system doesn’t feel safe, if it isn’t getting the information it wants, or when it is getting “danger” information, it begins to put limits on how well you can express yourself. An unsafe nervous system can be seen in a stiff, rigid moving body. 


There are a number of things you can do to make your nervous system feel safe. But here, I’m going to show you three very simple things you can do right now that will immediately begin soothing your nervous system and allow you to move and feel better right now. 


1) Pursed Lip Exhaling

Breathing is the toggle switch between “safe” and “unsafe.” Generally, if we are breathing properly, when we breathe in, we set the switch to “I’m alert.” And when we exhale, we set the switch to “I’m ok.” If we breathe in and hold our breath, we toggle the switch to “I’m unsafe.” If we breathe out rapidly, we keep the switch at “fairly unsure and unsafe.” If we breathe in through our mouths and only use our neck and chest to breathe, we floor the toggle switch to “Danger, Danger!” 


An easy way to toggle our switch to “I’m okay and all is well” is through pursed lip exhaling. Relaxed exhaling through pursed lips creates a very long exhale. A long exhale tells the nervous system “I am safe and All is good.” A relaxed exhale is simply relaxing and letting the diaphragm naturally return to it’s resting position.


Here is how to perform pursed lip breathing: 

  • Close your lips, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and inhale through your nose. 
  • Fill your lungs up from the bottom to the top by letting your diaphragm expand (push out) your belly and low back. 
  • When you’ve filled your lungs, purse your lips and allow (LET) the air to escape through your pursed lips. 
  • When all the air has escaped, repeat the sequence. 
  • Do this 5 to 6 times and notice how wonderful and peaceful your feel.  


This is a great way to calm the nervous system, the mind, and the emotions. It’s also a great way to improve how your body is able to move. 


2) Change Your Face

How you feel is written all over your face. What you write on your face is etched into your nervous system. If you scowl, frown, or gasp you write an “I’m unsafe” letter and you mail it to your brain. As a result, your brain places limits and restrictions on how well your body moves. Conversely, if you smile, or even if you show no expression at all, you tell your nervous system “I’m good and all is well.” As a result, you body moves better because no restrictions are being placed on it. 


Here is how to change your face:

  • First, you have to be aware of your expression. So, be aware...
  • If you are frowning, scowling, grimacing, or holding TENSION in your face. Stop and let it go. 
  • Allow your face to simply be.
  • OR, if you want to add the “Good juice” to your nervous system, smile. Smile with your whole face. This makes you feel good all over and it allows you to move like silky butter. 
  • Check your face throughout the day and if you need to, change it!


3) Mantra Yourself Safe

Mulling over a statement of truth actually makes your nervous system feel safe. And as a result, mulling over a statement of truth actually helps you move really well. And yes, the opposite is true as well. Mulling over a statement of falsehood, better known or seen as worry, sends unsafe information to your nervous system. 


What is a statement of truth? 


It’s a simple affirmation of well, the truth. Here’s an example: “I am strong,” or “I am enough.” 


Here’s how to mantra yourself safe:

  • Pick the truth that resonates with you and repeat it, rehearse it, and marinate on it throughout the day, especially when your circumstances would try to make you believe the opposite. 
  • Mentally stand on the truth and say, 
    • “I am strong.”
    • “I am enough.”
    • “I can do all things.”
    • “I can get through this.”
    • “I can solve any problem.” 
    • “I am brave.”
    • “I deserve the best.” 
    • “I am worthy.”
    • "I get to choose how I respond."
  • Let this record run and play all day, all night, and always. 


These three things, as simple as they are, will allow you move and feel better. They can do this because they are “safe” information that your nervous system needs and loves. Test this out for yourself. Do them when you don’t feel well. Heck, do them as a “warm-up” to your training routine. You will be amazed at how well you move and feel. 


If you try this and you experience the power behind it, let me know. I love good stories. 


Also, if you want to know more about how this works or where it can lead, check out my latest book Discovering You. You may find something you’ve been looking for...


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  1. Cherie Kirschbaum:
    Dec 08, 2020 at 02:27 AM

    As always, much wisdom. Mike and Danny encourage me every time.


  2. Vickie Yeingst:
    Dec 24, 2020 at 05:51 PM

    A good powerful message and what I need to listen to and put into practice before I take my exam! Thank you Tim and Dani for your knowledge and support I love how Original Strength -RESET has helped me get my life back. Vickie


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