Chris Bordoni Podcast - Episode #16 - We're Designed To Be Superheros

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Episode #16 - We're designed to be Superheros

100 Inspiring Voices | Episode 16 | Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson is an educator, personal trainer, and the founder of Original Strength, a movement to help people remember how to move well and live better lives. In a nutshell, his job is to help people feel amazing.

In this conversation, I speak with Tim about the origins of Original Strength, how it’s changed my life, the joy of doing strange things in public, and what it’s like to unintentionally start a global movement.

We also talk about some of Tim’s favorite sayings, including “It feels good to feel good,” “Start where you are,” and “Be your own chef.”


3:15 – “Original Strength is the idea that your body is designed to move. And more than that, that your body is designed to be strong throughout your entire life.”

3:30 – “You’re not supposed to have a peak of good health and vitality around 20 and then decline from 20 to 70. That’s not supposed to be the case.”

5:00 – “In your nervous system, there is a program of health and vitality. There is not a program of breakdown.”

5:45 – “The road to Wrongville is probably wider than we think.”

7:30 – “If you have a certain belief system that’s negative, your body will actually help you express that negativity… your body actually follows your thought patterns.”

8:45 – “It took time for me to see the miracles happening in front of my face.”

10:30 – “If they discover in two minutes that a knee that has hurt for 20 years doesn’t hurt anymore, that creates an opportunity for a mindshift in thinking.”

11:30 – “The five resets are breathing properly with your diaphragm, activating your vestibular system through head control… rolling… rocking back and forth… and engaging in your gait pattern.”

12:05 – “Literally, [the five resets] are like pressing a reset button on the nervous system that makes the original operating program reset itself – and get rid of the junk – so that it runs the way it’s supposed to.”

18:05 – “Even at 78, if you think the best years of your life are over, you can start there, and literally shift your paradigm to explore and discover the best years of your life to come. It’s amazing.”

18:45 – “If you can find one good breath, you are one breath better off than you were before.”

20:00 – “How I see things has greatly changed… somewhere along the line I saw that there is no bad, there is no wrong. We don’t need to judge things, we just need to accept things.

20:30 – “We start from good, and we just take whatever a person can give us, teach them how to take what they’re doing well and make it a little bit better.”

21:45 – “We are creative, and part of the beauty of life is creation.”

26:15 – “I grew up a people pleaser… but, if we go around not doing things because we’re concerned how we might look to others, we’re putting ourselves in a prison. We’re not giving ourselves the freedom to explore our own selves and to be ourselves.”

32:15 – “Honestly, it feels like a weird dream… I wasn’t setting out to do anything other than quit hurting… Out of frustration, I asked God to show me how to train to be bulletproof.”

33:00 – “I got so enamored with what I was learning that I wanted to share it with people.”

40:45 – “We’re all designed to be superheroes.”

41:45 – “We all need some type of motivational anchor every now and then that we can glance at to pick us back up.”


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