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In Original Strength, we try to pass along the message that everyone, that you, are wonderfully made. We teach people, or we simply remind people, how they were designed to move, and how powerful that movement design is. In short, movement heals or restores, the body. But there’s more to it than that. Movement can also help heal or restore the mind and the emotions, the you inside your body. If you don’t know it yet, everything about your design, everything about YOU, is simply amazing. 

You are walking around in an amazing mechanism. You pilot your body. That’s true, but that’s not the whole story. Your body is much more than your vehicle, it’s also your friend. It knows you. It knows your thoughts and it feels your emotions. Heck, it even expresses your emotions. 

It’s not you, but it knows you. Don’t miss this. Your body is intimate with your thoughts and your feelings. Yes, it carries out simple tasks that you think you want to accomplish like check the mail, brush your teeth, or eat your food, but it also carries your thoughts and feelings. What I mean is, your body knows if you don’t love it. It knows if you are dissatisfied with it. It knows when you are punishing it. It knows when you are neglecting it. It knows you. And it stores your negative thoughts in its neural pathways, it holds the tension of your angst in its muscles. It tries to swallow your guilt and shame in its gut. It sees the look you give it in the mirror, the “ugh” look. It knows. And, it responds. 

Sometimes you can hide your thoughts and emotions from everyone else around you, but you can never hide them from yourself, from your body. You can deny them, you can bury them, you can even hide your own thoughts from your own mind, but you cannot hide them from your best friend, your body. The thoughts you bury, the things you hide, they often reveal themselves through your body’s movements, and through its sensations. 

Does your back hurt? Are you holding stress, anger, fear, or resentment? Are your intestines jacked up? Are you dealing with issues of guilt or shame? Do you feel like you’re inadequate? Do your knees hurt? Are you holding thoughts of aging because you're past thirty? Are you always tired or lethargic? Do you ever smile at yourself in the mirror or tell your body you’re grateful for it? 

I know this all sounds crazy, but understand that your body does absolutely what you tell it to. It just may not always turn out how you think it would do it. After all, if you aren’t conscious about the thoughts and feelings you are keeping inside yourself, how could you expect what your body would do with those thoughts and feelings? But it does do something with them. Nothing you hold in your mind or in your heart is without consequence. You’re that amazing. Your body is also that amazing. 

The point is, you are walking around in your best friend. It knows and feels everything about you. It manifests, in some shape or form, your thoughts, and feelings, both suppressed and conscious. It knows when you don’t like it, or when you’re frustrated with it. But it also knows when you love it, when you’re happy it’s yours, and when you enjoy it. 

Do you want to feel amazing? Know you’re amazing. Believe it. Act like it. 

Do you want to move well? Love your body. Smile at it, be thankful for it. 

Don’t punish your body by torturing your soul. Don’t bury your thoughts and feelings. Find ways to let them out. Reject the lies you’ve been holding onto. Forgive yourself for believing them. Forgive others for offending you. Look yourself in the eyes, in the mirror, and tell yourself you are amazing. Tell your body you’re absolutely crazy about it. 

If you try to do this, if you become diligent and consistent, you will truly discover how wonderful you really are. You will feel good. You will move well. You will be happier. You will be freer. You’ll even change the world and make it brighter. Learn to dance in and with your best friend. 

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