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For me, discovering my Original Strength was life-changing.


It interrupted my way of thinking about the human body and erased the curse of the natural “unnatural” order of aging past my twenties. I learned that I can be strong and healthy because I am supposed to be strong and healthy. But even better than that, finding OS also exposed me to a Love that has been relentless in revealing itself to me every single day from the moment I first discovered the wonder in crawling - for the second time,as an adult. I know that Love was always there trying to reveal itself but I couldn’t see it. Now, my eyes are open and I am able to see it. And that’s what is so wonderful, I can see. And everything looks different. Even people. In fact, I now see “men as trees.” 


What I mean is, I can see what a person’s nervous system is telling me. How they stand, their facial expressions, the way they walk, the way they breathe - I see their nervous system and it tells me its story. Sometimes that story stems from things that have happened or not happened in their bodies and sometimes that story stems from things that have happened or not happened in their minds. And all times, the story usually says, “I’m safe,” or “I’m not safe.” 


That’s what our nervous systems do. They express the story of safety - bold, adventurous, strong, fast, loving, and courageous. OR, they express the story of not safe - scared, shy, weak, slow, sad, hurt, or angry. 


The nervous system’s story, its expression, is told through movement. 


And because of this, I have learned how to read those stories. And even more amazing than that, I’ve also learned how to help people write and express new stories in their body’s nervous system. 


I know this sounds weird, “There goes Tim, the body whisperer talking nonsense.” But really, I’ve learned how to look at people and help them rediscover the truth about their bodies in minutes. And I do this with the OSSA, the Original Strength Screen and Assessment. 


The OSSA, a tool that helps you instantly see what movements may change a person’s life, is powerful.


Within ten minutes of meeting a person who is scared, hurt, desperate, or stuck, you can discover what reset their nervous system might be needing. Just imagine being able to help someone overcome a chronic condition or a nagging limitation they’ve had for years in around 10 minutes. Imagine the hope that person might gain in that moment. Imagine the freedom they might discover in the weeks, months and years following that moment. It’s staggering. And it’s beautiful.


I’m not saying the OSSA is a miracle cure.


What I’m saying is that the OSSA is a look inside someone’s nervous system and a path to discover what their nervous system is craving, what it wants to restore itself, to feel safe again, to allow that person to move well, with strength and peace of mind. It’s not a miracle. It’s a tool, a tool that could expose the miracle that is already inside a person’s body, waiting to be tapped into. 


The miracle is the power in our design. You could even say it’s the Love in our design. The point is, we are all made to move well and feel good - always. Not all of us do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t or that we are not supposed to. 


We were made for strength. We each have a powerful operating system programmed inside of us that is meant to allow us to move well and be strong. We just have to be able to access it. 


If you are a professional who works with clients and patients, this is where the OSSA can be helpful. Using it as a lens to watch someone move often gives clues as to what is keeping a person’s nervous system from feeling safe. It even guides you to discover what resets they might benefit from the most. That’s where the miraculous come in because a simple, child-like movement may be all that is needed to start a person on the path to recovery, health, and healing. I say this is miraculous because the power inside the person’s nervous system is often expressed at the speed of their nervous system, in a literal instant. It never gets old watching someone discover they can squat again, or touch their toes without pain, or smile a genuine smile for the first time in years. 


It. Never. Gets. Old. 


Anyway, if you’ve discovered your Original Strength, I know your life has changed for the better. If you ever decide to help others discover their Original Strength, so they can enjoy their lives as they were meant to, I encourage you to share OS with them. Teach them how to Press Reset. And if you’re able, consider learning the OSSA.


In the right hands, it’s life-changing, both for you and anyone you might meet.


It. Never. Gets. Old. 


In fact, it feels like living. 


If you'd like to get started on your journey to getting certified with Original Strength and helping people discover their Original Strength, check out our upcoming online courses here

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