Podcast Featuring Amber Lansford: Rebuilding, Strengthening Her Nervous System

Categories: In The News, Stories Jul 17, 2020

Click Here to listen to Amber Lansford on the Unapologetically Sensitive podcast #77.

Amber's body was broken. Doctors (35 at least) couldn't diagnose it, couldn't help her.  Hers is an amazing story of trauma, diabetes and triumph!

Hear Amber tell how Original Strength played a large part in that triumph.

In the show notes, she lists her arsenal of resources for rebuilding her nervous system and regaining her health, strength, mobility... her life.


Amber Lansford lives in Ohio with her husband and 2 daughters.  She is an artist, a stay-at-home mom and after such success with Original Strength, certified as an OS Certified Professional-Pro and helps others one-on-one.

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