Glimpses of What's Possible

Categories: Stories Jun 29, 2020

I attended an amazing workshop here in Nelson, NZ with Piers Kwan.  The main reason being that I wanted to use the activities and principles with the young people with special needs I work with, in particular those on the autism spectrum and with high and complex needs.

Before Covid closed our schools,  I was able to see glimpses of what might be possible, some youngsters developing greater coordination and new confidence based on a better understanding of their capabilities and where they are in space.

I myself also had a eureka moment on a weekend early March, when I had to write 33 school reports. After report 17, my brain started to fade and I could not come up with another sensible thing to write.  I decided to do a short 10 min reset, got back to my computer and motored through the rest of the reports!  It was incredible and I am so grateful !

I also bought your recommended book by Sally Goddard Blythe ’The Well Balanced Child’.   What an amazing insight.  I am hoping it will help me develop activities based on resets into captivating story lines.   

There are still heaps of questions I have, as working with young people with special needs has its own challenges.  But what I have seen so far has been a huge encouragement to keep going.

Many thanks to you all.


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