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Categories: Stories May 07, 2020

I am 56, did KB plus bodyweight gymnastic style in the past. Felt halfway fit, given a busy lifetime, lots of travel.

I began incorporating OS (head nods, rocking) after reading Tim's book in 2014. 

I moved completely to OS about 9 months ago after a serious injury, collateral damage following a small meniscus surgery 2 months after attending OS Pressing RESET in 2018. I caught MRSA which created massive infection that destroyed the whole cartilage in my left knee within days. After months of pain relief drugs & antibiotics I was in the most devastating condition I've ever encountered.  I had to learn to walk again.

After injury, I could barely do any push-up nor move without pain. I started with what I could do at that time (baby-crawl, head nods, rolling).

2 months later and still in recovery phase, I am on Leopard crawls, battling ropes & some hanging and almost pain-free. I regained lost muscle, got significantly stronger all over and do feel extremely well after a training session. Session is not much more than 10-15 minutes under tension accumulated. Yet.

Moving way better. Feels natural. Noticeable when I am carrying things around. Do not think how to move and what muscles to contract first. I simply move and the body know's what to do. Sounds "strange" when I am telling that to others outside of OS.

I am pretty convinced once I can go for 10 minutes on the crawls non-stop, tweaking it further with various load parameters I will gain way more muscle. The body will add where it is needed most for the given movement. And that’s exactly what I am after.

OS is a perfect base for that.

What would you say to someone else dealing with serious injury and looking to feel better?
  • Based on my personal experience I'd say the principles of OS are the THE perfect solution for rehab. Way more powerful than traditional PT! It re-aligns the body and what has been lost plus integrates body, mind & soul
  • The real beauty is that the principles are scalable for all ages from handicaped to injured to the serious athlete searching to improve the body & mind connection. Whatever your current performance level
  • Once you understand the underlying principles, that stuff is "simple to apply" yet very powerful in delivering results
  • If you have good body awareness, I'd read Pressing RESET: Original Strength Reloaded & Becoming Bulletproof & watch some of the OS videos
  • People with less body awareness or not good at learning from books/videos should search for an OS Certified Professional or attend Pressing RESET
  • In addition to OS, a good manual therapy. "Rolfing" (soft tissue work) is the best I've tried. 
  • Be patient and train daily

- Wolfgang, Germany

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