Pressing Reset for Kids

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We live in a wonderful and beautiful world. It may have its “issues” but we have created those. That’s what we do. Our nature is to create. We are driven to imagine, to draw, to write, to engineer, to construct, to sculpt, to paint, to sing, to perform. We are creators. 


One of the greatest works of art we have collectively created is our everchanging technological landscape. We live in an amazing time. What was once imagined in the 60s, on Star Trek, is fairly much a reality today, minus the transporter beam and the Warp 9 speed. But let’s be real, we are only kidding ourselves if we don’t know those things are coming. We’ve imagined them. This means future generations will be beaming up and down all over the place one day. 


The technology we have created is amazing. We have created comfort, fast food, instant access to knowledge, instant communication anywhere in the world, and cars that park themselves. Today’s world would probably seem like another planet found in Star Wars for people that lived 1000 years ago. Our technology is wonderful and it will continue to reveal wonder as time goes on. 


But like I said, there are issues that we’ve also created in this amazing world. One major issue we’ve created is that we have lowered the demand for physical movement. We’ve done this through the comfort and design of our rapidly changing world. We simply don’t need to move as much as our ancestors did. They moved to hunt, gather, work, build, fight, play and visit loved ones. Today, we move to go from the bedroom to the kitchen and from the car to the office. The problem with that is we are created to move. Movement keeps us healthy emotionally, mentally and physically. And, movement actually helps us create. To overcome this issue, we must make conscious and constant choices to honor our design and move. 


But we are also responsible for our future generations. We must ensure they too, will honor their design and move. Which means we must place a priority on movement. It means we must encourage our kids to “go outside and play.” And it means we must put movement on the “front burner” in schools instead of the “back burner.” Today, schools place little priority on movement to make sure they teach good things like science, math, reading, art, and history. The issue with that is that movement facilitates learning and creativity. Movement also facilitates health and happiness. 


We owe it to our children and their children to both demonstrate and teach the importance of movement. That is just one reason why we created a book (booklet) for teachers called “Pressing Reset for Kids.” The information in this book is for teachers to use in the classroom to get their kids moving and learning so they can live a healthy, wonderful life. Movement is so powerful. A little goes a very long way, especially when the movement honors the body’s blueprint for health and being. 


If you work with kids, if you have kids, they may really benefit from incorporating “Pressing Reset for Kids” into their daily routine. 


Life is meant to be enjoyed through movement. Smiling, laughing, skipping, playing, climbing, running - they can never be replaced by technology. But if we allow them to be, we will be trading in our enjoyment for an art that will begin to lose its beauty. We move to create. What will we create if we no longer move? Beautiful art and wonder, or more growing issues?


To learn more about “Pressing Reset for Kids,” click here! 

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  1. Andrew Hutchinson:
    Mar 03, 2020 at 08:09 AM

    So timely. I only wrote about this to the principal of our school a few weeks ago (I have done so before and have tried to engage them in the conversation and while they listen, they are so "academically" driven (and targeted by those who set their targets) that it's tough to get any traction. Having this message out there from you guys will help the cause so thank you.


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