Infinity Circles and Infinite Potential

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It’s the beginning of 2020, another brand new year full of infinite potential; for you, for me, for everyone.

I know it is weird to think about, but you really cannot exhaust all the potential that you are. Whatever you dream up, you can become. And really, for most of us, whatever we dream now, we are. We express what we think. We rise or sink to the levels of our thought or our continuous subconscious thoughts; the ones running in the background. These are the thoughts that determine our potential or express our state of being. 


We are infinite potential.

How far we get is often determined by the thoughts we keep buried inside. The thoughts we keep inside are often a collection of events, facts, fears, emotions, perceptions, lies, memories, stories, and more. They are influenced by our surroundings, our abilities, our friends, our co-workers, our media and more. This is why it is so important to guard your thoughts, to protect them and to be aware of their influencers. We absorb information, that's what we do. But we also express that information. If we absorb and keep good information, that’s great.

Our expressions, realities and potentials are probably pretty good. But if we absorb and marinate on not-so-good information, that’s not-so-great. Our expressions, realities and current states may be less than desirable. 


I’ll be honest. It is very hard to protect your thoughts from the outside world and all its influences. Most of us cannot afford to check out on our responsibilities and live in caves in seclusion. And fighting thoughts with thoughts, while it can be effective, is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. It’s hard to generate thoughts of wellbeing when there is so much negativity coming at you or from you. The habit-building numbers are against us. 


So what can we do? If our potential is determined by the thoughts we keep, and those thoughts are influenced by all incoming information ever, and all that information actually influences the new thoughts we generate, what do we do? 


We generate our own information. And we generate GOOD information. It’s hard to fight negative thoughts with positive thoughts, but it is effortless to express positive thoughts when we feel good. When we feel good, we express joy, when we express joy, our thoughts are generally “higher” and “stronger” than they otherwise would be. 


How do we generate this GOOD information? We move. We love our bodies and honor our design by moving in such a way we take away stress, adrenaline, and negativity. When we are at peace we can more easily filter and reject negative incoming information and we can also create better thoughts of wellbeing. We can move our way to keeping better thoughts, we can move our way to changing our subconscious thoughts. We can move towards our infinite potential. 


I recently released a video of a “new” RESET called the Infinity Circles. This is a powerful movement. In the video, I state that this movement is a way to restore your youth (What would that do for your potential?). I’m actually writing a book about this. Anyway, Happy New Year. I want you to have this movement. Here is the excerpt from the book on how to do this movement. I’ll also include the link to the video here.


Do this. Do it every day. In 21 days, write to me and let me know how you feel, or if your potential is growing, or if you think I’m nuts. Just write to me. I’ll be happy just to have a letter from you. But if you write to me, I’ll know you did this. 


You do have infinite potential. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if you tapped into it by making infinity circles every day? Yeah, that would be crazy, right? 

Infinity Circles



  • Visualizing the infinity symbol, the “X” in its center uses and connects both hemispheres of the brain. 

  • Tracing the infinity symbol with the eyes and arms crosses midline of the body and requires both hemispheres of the brain to work together. 

  • Tracing the infinity symbol with the eyes and the head activates the vestibular system, strengthening it, and it improves balance. 

  • This movement provides rotation, lateral flexion, and lateral extension to the spine in gentle, small ranges of motion. 

  • This movement takes coordinates of the visual and vestibular system and floods the nervous system with nourishing information. 



  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Close your lips, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and breathe through your nose.

    • Maintain this way of breathing throughout this movement

  • With your arms stretched out in front of your body, place your hands together as if to make the “prayer” emoji. 

  • Keep your eyes focused on the tips of your fingers and begin tracing the infinity symbol out in front of your body. 

    • Let your head move, tilt and rotate with the symbol; following the eyes.

    • Let your spine, hips, and legs also follow the flow and rotation of the infinity symbol as you trace it. 

  • Every time you cross the center of the infinity symbol, that is a repetition. Cross the center of the infinity symbol 21 times.

  • Switch directions and trace the infinity in the opposite direction you just did for another 21 midline crossing repetitions. 

Comments (7)

  1. andrew hutchinson:
    Jan 06, 2020 at 12:45 PM

    I don't think it's any secret that i'm a big fan of what you write and how you communicate but once again, a wonderful message that holds the truth that movement is (in) everything and can indeed heal, restore youth and change the way we perceive the world/"life" for the better. much love brother.


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Jan 09, 2020 at 08:47 PM

      Thank you, Andrew! Much love back at you!


    2. Tim Anderson:
      Jan 09, 2020 at 08:47 PM

      Thank you, Andrew! Much love back at you!


  2. Rick:
    Feb 05, 2020 at 02:57 PM

    Great article and reset! By the way, I have started doing infinity circles with head nods and love it!


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Feb 08, 2020 at 04:55 PM

      Awesome Rick! I'm so glad they are helpful!


  3. Chris:
    Sep 14, 2021 at 07:16 PM

    Thanks for sharing this post! It was very informative. Have you ever tried infinity walks? They have similar benefits as the infinity circles.


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Sep 14, 2021 at 07:44 PM

      Thanks, Chris!

      I actually have tried infinity walks. A friend of mine turned me on to them a few months ago. I do find them enjoyable.


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