Who Told You That You Were Broken?

Categories: Blog Oct 07, 2019

We are judgmental.

We see things and make snap decisions even before we know we’ve made them. Sometimes these decisions are based on our beliefs, our knowledge, our past, our fears, or whatever it is that tints the lens we see through. Often, and really probably always, these snap decisions are off the mark. That is my way of saying, we are often wrong when it comes to judging what we think we see. 


Take the human body and how it moves for example. For years we’ve made false assumptions on “good movement” versus “bad movement”, “good posture” versus “bad posture”, or “correct form” versus “incorrect form.” We make these assumptions based on things we’ve been taught or things we believe due to things we’ve been taught. And again, more often than not, we just don’t really know what we are talking about. 


“Don’t lock out your joints.” Why? Aren’t they made to lock in place?


“Don’t squat below parallel.” Why? Don’t my knees and hips bend further than that? 


“Don’t let your knees move past your toes.” Why? Will I ever be able to walk down a set of stairs again? 


And then, worst of all is the judgment we place on ourselves. We let other people tell us that we are broken or imperfect. Or worse still, we see ourselves as broken, ugly, or imperfect through our own thoughts and not because of the thoughts of others. 


So here is a question for you: Who told you that you were broken? How did that lie creep into your heart? 


Hold that thought for a second. I have to tell you a scandalous secret, but I think you can handle it. This is a secret, however, that I don’t want you to keep to yourself. This is one you should share with everyone you meet, and here it is: 


You are perfect. And everyone you see is perfect. No one moves wrong. No one is meant to be broken. Really, no one is broken unless they believe they are. 


Your body moves perfectly and exactly how your nervous system is telling it to move. The expression (the output) of movement and posture and emotion and thought is largely determined by the information that goes into the brain. What goes in, prescribes what comes out. The better the information going into the brain, the better the expressions coming out of the brain. This is the design of the human body, and it works perfectly well.

What we see and judge as good or bad, pretty or ugly is really our interpretation of a perfect design carrying out its function. Sure, you may have had an injury, or a structural issue that has changed your body, or one that makes your body different from others, but that doesn’t mean you’re not moving perfectly as you should. AND, even if you are legitimately structurally different from everyone around you, it doesn’t mean you’re not perfect. It means you’re different. The truth is we all are. 

Anyway, you can’t perfect a perfect design. But you can understand the design and perfect the expression. If you don’t like your posture or how you move, you can change the input going into your brain to affect the expression displaying out from the brain. 


Change your input to improve your output. 


This may mean moving as a human should move. This may mean laying aside thoughts of fear or anger and replacing them with thoughts of peace and happiness. This might even mean letting go of beliefs or allowing yourself to be open to learning something new. Everything you do is an input that results in the expression that is you. Every movement, every conscious thought, every subconscious thought, every emotion - they are all inputs that determine your outputs. And yes, this is very circular; every movement, thought, and emotion is also an output determined by your input. BUT, if you don’t like how you move, how you think, how you feel, or how you see, you can take advantage of your perfect design by changing your inputs so you can perfect your expression (your output). 


So that’s my secret: You are perfect. But again, so is everyone. Everyone you see is perfectly expressing themselves based on the information they are giving their nervous system. So, if you don’t like what you see in others, it may be due to the incorrect thoughts or beliefs you are allowing yourself to feed your brain. Judge not...


I know this all sounds nutso, but understand, we have an amazing and wonderful design.

None of us were made to be broken. None of us were made to believe we are broken either. We were meant to be strong and able and happy. We were made for success and joy. We can affect, change, and perfect our expressions, our experiences, and our outcomes by what we do, what we think, how we see, and what we believe. To do this we must honor our design and believe only what is true. 


If you missed it, here’s the truth: You are wonderfully made. You are perfect. Don’t let anyone or any thought from the outside or the inside tell you anything different. 

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  1. Michael:
    Oct 07, 2019 at 10:31 PM

    Another great message. Standout part for me was the lines that say we were meant to be strong, able, and happy. We were made for success and joy.

    After work today I had that exhausted feeling and didn't want to do my usual movements. However, I got down on the floor and engaged in my design and before I knew it I set a new personal best; crawling for 20 minutes.

    For me that felt like success, joy, strength, able, and happy.


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Oct 07, 2019 at 10:56 PM

      That is fantastic, Michael! Great work! And thank you so much for sharing this with us. Your success even spills over to my joy!


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