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When I was a child, I had an “unbreakable” comb. Have you ever seen one of those? They were black combs you could get for about $0.50 at the dime store (or drug store). A quick Google search has shown me that they still exist. Anyway, as a kid, these combs fascinated me. 




Because they said “unbreakable.” 


Naturally, my need was to try to prove the comb wrong, but I couldn’t. As a child, I wasn’t strong enough; or at least I had not realized my strength at those times. The point is, those combs seemed to make a bold claim to me, a claim that I have never forgotten. Maybe it’s more of a message than a claim as it has stuck with me for almost forty years.




That’s definitely a message. And it’s our message. I’m not sure the comb manufacturer knew what he was doing when he stamped that word on the comb, but it’s brilliant: create a useful tool capable of allowing others to create order or art on their heads, make it memorable by stamping a message that resonates with their spirit, and it will stand the test of time.


But that’s what truth does. It stands through time and all it’s challenges. 


Wait, what? Yes. The truth, our message cleverly written on the comb, will stand the test of time. We are unbreakable. On the inside. But also on the outside, as the inside determines the outside. But anyway, the truth is we are unbreakable. IF we hold on to the message we’ve been given.


You can’t break the unbreakable. You might be thinking, “Tim’s nuts.” You might even be thinking you can break one of those combs right now, but you can’t break one of those combs. You may believe that you can, you make actually snap one in half, but you can’t break it from it’s intended design. An “unbreakable” comb snapped into two peices will still function and carry out its purpose; it will still comb and style hair. It still works. It may look different, it may appear less than it was, but it’s only an appearance. It still performs its intended task. It’s purpose has not been broken. The art or order it can be used to create is still possible and perhaps it now even yields more potential than it did before. 


Can you see it? 


I once heard a smart man say, “Strength is a skill.” Maybe it is. BUT strength is also a gift. AND strength is also a choice. Maybe the skill part of strength comes from exercising your choice to accept the gift you’ve been given and allowing it to resonate its truth through all the tests of time you face. Maybe the only thing that can actually “break” us is our willingness to settle for popular untruths. 


Be that as it may, you can’t break the unbreakable. And the truth is, on the inside, you are unbreakable. That means, if you get injured on the outside, or if your circumstances look bleak, or all heck breaks loose around you, you cannot be broken. You still have an intended purpose and function. And, you also have an unyielding design that is connected to your unbreakable nature. That means you can heal with the unyielding strength you have on the inside, and you can overcome any heck that tries to surround you on the outside. 


You were not made to be broken. Certainly not in spirit, certainly not in mind, and certainly not in body. Like the comb, you bear a stamp, or a message, or a program; “unbreakable.”

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  1. Andrew hutchinson:
    Oct 01, 2019 at 10:17 PM

    I love you guys. I hope you are all well. The sooner I become part of this family the better.


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Oct 04, 2019 at 02:15 AM

      Ha! Can’t wait to meet you, Andrew. But you’re already in the family!


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