Pivot Points

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I’ve had a few Pivot Points lately. I don’t know if that’s a name I’ve made up or not but some might call a pivot point a course correction, a life-altering event, a repentance or something of that effect. But to me, it’s simply a turning point, or maybe even a “tuning” point. 

For example, about three years ago I had a very good friend say this to me, “If I am God’s child, then we are all God’s children.” That simple sentence created a pivot point for me. It completely adjusted my way of thinking about God and all His Kids. Not that I had negative thoughts about God or people, but I had narrow thoughts. My friend’s statement caused a perception shift in my thinking that allowed my narrow thoughts to expand. My life has been all the better since that moment. That was a pivot point. 

Most recently, my wife and I set out to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary while our two kids were away (out of the country) on a mission trip. My only goal was for us to enjoy each other’s company - stress-free. We weren’t away more than 24 hours before we both encountered a huge pivot point; one of my sons had been injured while cliff jumping into an ocean pool. He’s okay and mending well - but, well, it was a hard call to take, to process, and to even breathe through.

Our son was in a different country, we had no real way to quickly get to him, he had a head injury (amnesia due to a concussion), our nerves were shot, and our imaginations were on overdrive. All the questions, all the what if’s, all the distance between us - we felt quite helpless (even though we weren’t truly helpless). Again, it was a hard call to receive. Needless to say, I want a “do-over” for our anniversary celebration! 

Anyway, this event was, and is, a pivot point for me. I’m sure I will continue to learn and grow from it, but here is what I’ve learned so far: 

Love is amazing. 

The love for our child was like an unbridled tractor beam - we had to get to him. In truth, from the moment the call came in, the only thing in the world I wanted to do was hold my son, to be able to put my arms around him. It really didn’t matter where he was or how irrational our thoughts started out, one thing was clear; we had to be with him. 

Love is everywhere when you need it. 

The love and care from everyone we came in contact with on our quest was beautiful if not miraculous. Complete strangers were so tender towards us. They encouraged and lifted us. Their care was amazing; the customs agents, the nurses, the cab drivers, the doctors, the mission team leaders, etc. Everyone we met loved on us. And we did need it. Their care and love just made our heavy hearts lighter. 

Love is THE lens to see through. 

Like my friend’s statement about everyone being God’s child, this is pivotal. To see through the lens of love is to see a son, a daughter, a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister, a friend. It’s to see. To see through Love’s lens is to see everyone as someone. Someone who is worth every sacrifice, every obstacle, every tear, and every smile. 

Yes, I’m still sentimental on my fresh adventure with my wife and our quest to go get our boy, but this is a lesson, a pivot point, that I know will tune me in a better direction. 

I can unequivocally tell you without hesitation that I am loved. I experienced it a thousand times over during my “Anniversary Rescue Mission Weekend Away from Home.”  And I know I’m not alone because Love is amazing, and Love is everywhere, and therefore, we are all Loved. We are all someone’s child. We are all worth the unbridled tractor beam that pulls others to our rescue. We are all worth being encouraged, smiled at, cared for and hugged. We are all worth the gentleness and the strength that Love freely and effortlessly gives. 

I know, I sound crazy. And I know not all of us think this way because not all of us have the experience of being loved in this way, but that doesn’t mean it’s not supposed to be this way. I also know that on the surface, this might seem to be a pointless, experiential story that has nothing to do with health and physical restoration. But through my lens, this has everything to do with health and restoration. I would even say this is pivotal for health and restoration. But just in case, to put it to practical application, marinate on what I’m saying for just 5 minutes every day for 21 days and I’ll bet you’ll discover a pivot point of your own. 

You are Someone.

You are Loved.

You are worth everything.

See through Love. 

Everyone is Someone.

Everyone is Loved. 

Everyone is worth everything. 

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  1. John Sullivan:
    Aug 19, 2019 at 12:06 PM

    Thanks Tim.
    It is all connected. The spiritual life is not a theory, we have to live it ????.
    God bless
    Strength &Honor


  2. mike:
    Aug 20, 2019 at 01:43 AM

    Hi Tim,
    Sorry to hear the mishaps that hopefully touched only your sun. The ocean used to take its due no matter how experienced, trained, repeated, senior or younger individual is doing it. Cliff jumping has an inherent and imminent danger that cause an adrenaline rush in any human. More addictive than drugs. Teaching of nature dangers like undertows worth nothing until late. I hope you can use your pivot point technique successfully on your sun to make a back turn off the cliffs and the turbulent ocean.
    Good luck,


  3. Chris Highcock:
    Aug 20, 2019 at 08:58 AM

    Thanks for sharing brother. I hope and pray your son continues to recover well.


  4. andrew hutchinson.:
    Sep 16, 2019 at 06:49 PM

    not crazy at all, beautiful. that's one of my favourite posts ever. love is the truth and the truth is love, they are one in the same. it is the optimal vibration, the most optimal movement in the universe and all that we know. I know that love for my children and i feel it in your words. i am so glad he is healing and thank you for the beautiful post.


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Sep 16, 2019 at 09:50 PM

      Thanks for your encouragement, Andrew. “Love is truth and truth is love” Just awesome. Thank you!


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