Original Strength is an education company that teaches about the power of human movement

As the foundation for all movement, regardless of the chosen training modality or system, Original Strength gives health, fitness, and educational professionals all of the tools necessary to help their clients, athletes, patients, and students achieve the best possible outcome.

Using the OSSA and the “Good, Better, Best” Approach, OS allows professionals a way to quickly screen and assess their clients or patients and then provides a pathway for moving that client or patient from where they are currently at to where they can and want to be. This good, better, best approach provides professionals with a great deal of information which can be used to help the client, athlete, patient, student optimize their nervous system and body’s ability to move well and perform.

At Original Strength, we believe applying the three key principles of human movement allow a person to strengthen their nervous system and Press RESET on their body. In other words, we return to the original operating system of the body in order to restore the body.

Most people experience change in a very short period of time, others may experience a gradual change over a longer time period, but everyone experiences change if they Press RESET regularly and consistently, even for just a few minutes a day.

When the body moves the way it was designed to move, the body functions optimally as it was designed to function. When we move well, we can live life better. And that’s what we do at OS: We help all people, regardless of age or physical limitations, move well so they can live their lives better.