Our Mission:

To bring the Hope and strength of movement to every body in the world.

What Makes Original Strength Different From Other Training Systems?

The Original Strength Training System is the foundation for all other training systems. Through Original Strength, you can remember and regain the strength, mobility, and stability you once had as a child. In other words, you will lay a solid foundation from which you can build a solid structure which can perform and move graciously.

We want to reintroduce you to your original self, the one who could squat down to pick things up, look up in the sky to watch birds or see shapes in clouds.  The one who used to walk from place to place or up and down stairs without worry of falling. More importantly, we want to reintroduce you to fun and feeling better with improved energy, memory and the joy of hope and movement.

This system will help anyone reset their operating system using a way they already know, one which we all used early in our lives. You were born with an operating system and over time, it needs to be rebooted, or as we say, you simply need to Press Reset. Just as you would reboot your locked up computer or cell phone, you can do the same to your body and your mind.

Our goal is to educate and equip everyone with the ability to overcome any age or physical and mental limitations (real and perceived) and to bolster hope and vision of who we were meant to be and who we can still become.  It is our mission to transform the world by teaching people to move better so they can live life better and learning to Press Reset is where we begin.

Original Strength Book Cover
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