Original Strength is an educational company that focuses on teaching the importance and benefits of human movement.

The mission of Original Strength is to bring the hope and strength of movement to Every Body in the world.

Our goal is to help people all over the world improve their physical abilities through movement.

The Original Strength System provides a foundation for movement and makes achieving physical goals easier. It also helps reveal untapped strength within the body.

Original Strength is the foundation for all movement and can benefit health, fitness, and educational professionals in helping their audiences achieve the best possible outcome.

The Original Strength Screen & Assessment (OSSA) and the “Good, Better, Best” approach allows professionals to quickly screen and assess their clients, create buy-in, and develop plans to help them reach their goals.

We believe that applying three key principles of human movement can strengthen the nervous system and reset the body. These principles include diaphragmatic breathing, vestibular activation, and contralateral movement. The human body and its functions have been studied extensively, making it one of the most scientifically researched subjects in the world. The nervous system can return to the original operating patterns of the body due to neuroplasticity. The OS system focuses on how the body was created and how it is affected by the nervous system, starting with the human developmental system present in every human since birth.

People experience change at the speed of their nervous system, some quickly and others more gradually, but everyone experiences change if they Press RESET regularly and consistently.