Sebastian Wagner

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Physical Therapist, running Coach , movement explorer, Loving father and husband.

i work as a physical therapist since 2012. at first in an hospital with older patients, after that in private practice with all kinds of people, all ages, different diagnosis. in a short time 2014/2015 i worked in the running sector with gait analysis, natural movement, barefoot running. In 2016 i worked a year in an barefoot shoe store and in 2017 got back to the work as a physio. now i work a little bit with hands on techniques, but mainly with movement, heavily influenced by os. I think everybody can challenge his status quo and get better. everything lies within us. move and be free.
my first contact with os came 2013 threw reading Tims book Pressung reset. Then i Explorer movementsore Like i did aus a Kid and moved like a child, did some Barefoot running and a lot of shoed running too (i have some fast middle/Long distance Background). In 2016 my son was born and i got the opportunity to gain Insight in the
developmental movements first hand, Player and learned a lot. In 2018 and 2019 i attended the os reset and pro reset Workshops in Germany. And here i am now as a os pro/Clinican.
i wish that everybody take s responsibility for their life and make the best out of it. bad situations happen, but you can decide how you react.
Everybody can change his life and the world. 

No human is Limited, everybody is a great human being, but sometimes we need a bit support to get going. Everybody has his or her own unique condition, but you can change it. You are wonderfully made and made to move.
Start now, because "it feels good to feel good" ( to say it in Tim Anderson words)

Average Client:  Anyone who wants to move free, working with runners and other sportspeople who run ias part of their sport.