The Original Strength Screen & Assessment (OSSA) is the world’s most
effective human movement screen and functional assessment.

The screen provides a baseline view of how well connected an
individual is and an overall look at their movement ability. The
assessment portion then applies several developmental movements,
or what we call RESET’s, that help determine a path to restoration,
resiliency, and reflexive strength.

When & Where?

The OSSA is used within physical therapy offices, orthopedic offices, government employee testing sites, sports medicine, educational facilities at all levels and anywhere else human movement is evaluated.  

Screen & Assessment

The OSSA is broken up into two main sections; the screen and the assessment.

The screen consists of three baseline reflexive movements and key outliers to be observed. The assessment portion of the OSSA consists of six simple movements based off of the Original Strength RESETS, each with simplified points of observation to help determine a persons movement competency and an entry point for them to restore their original strength.

To obtain an outcome of the OSSA, the 55 points of observation are recorded and provide a clear snapshot of where a person’s body is currently at.


Observation Points


Only individuals who have successfully completed the OSSA Certification process are allowed to perform an OSSA. The certification process includes four hours of classroom training, two hours of hands on training, a practical and a written test. If you want to become certified to perform the OSSA please attend an OS Pro RESET Workshop.

Get Your OSSA

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