Rob Marra

Practitioner | 443.831.3267 0

I've worked in the field of conditioning since 1990 as a personal trainer, conditioning coach, and medical practitioner. My journey started as an apprentice under legendary strength coach Bill Starr. I've trained professional athletes, conditioned dozens of All-Americans, guided the injured through pre-hab and post-rehabilitation, and taught medical residents in rehabilitative medicine, but some of my most rewarding work has been with some not-so-average-Joe's (three of my clients have lost over 125 pounds, and three have lived past 100 years old). I now also sew the seeds for a lifetime of activity and healthy nutritional practices by teaching and conditioning coaching at Friends School of Baltimore.

From professional athletes to average Joe's; from those recovering from debilitating injury to those looking to maintain optimal health; with clients ranging in age from 9 to 104, I have always prided myself on my versatility and ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds. They challenge me, and I challenge them.

Specialties:  Athletic Conditioning, Pre-/Post-Rehabilitation, Seniors