Original Strength for Tactical Athlete Book (PRE-ORDER)


Original Strength for the Tactical Athlete takes the Original Strength System and tailors it to the needs of people like firefighters, law enforcement, military, etc.

The Original Strength System is about building our reflexive strength and mobility using developmental movement patterns. The brilliance is in it’s simplicity.  While these simple movements may seem easy to dismiss, they provide something that everyone needs to unlock serious strength and unlimited performance capabilities in or out of the field: The ability to ‘PRESS RESET’.

As a Tactical Athlete, being in shape and capable is a huge part of what you need to not only be successful in your career, but to survive in the field.  Original Strength for the Tactical Athlete is where we teach you to become bulletproof from the inside out.  Anyone can learn and apply the principles discussed in this book quickly for immediate positive outcome, as well as easily incorporate them into any already established training plans.

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