Pressing RESET: Original Strength Reloaded

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Original Strength has been rewritten and is now Pressing RESET, Original Strength Reloaded.  This book will tell you about the system and let you read how our system has changed the lives of so many around the world.  If you are seeking to restore your body and your hope, this book may help you.  We greatly appreciate you sharing information about this book with anyone you truly care about because each of us was create to move.

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This is a revised version (near re-write) of our first book, Original Strength – Regaining the body you were meant to have.  When you were a child, you had an amazingly strong, resilient and healthy body. The body you built through movement during the first several years of your life was meant to be the foundation from which you would continue to add strength, power and resiliency. Your body was meant to be strong, graceful, powerful, fluid, mobile and resilient. You were never meant to be broken, weak, fragile, stiff or injured. Thankfully, we were indeed made to move. Through movement, specific movements, we can regain our foundation of strength, our foundation of health. We can become the strong, powerful, and graceful bodies that we were meant to be. We can enjoy this life with vitality. We don’t have to be spectators, merely existing. We were made for adventure, for life! We can regain our Original Strength – our foundation. We can help our bodies remember how to move again and in doing so, we can become strong, healthy and resilient; like we were meant to be. Learn to PRESS RESET, change your life and be better at all you do.  Buyer pays International Taxes & Tariffs.

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2 reviews for Pressing RESET: Original Strength Reloaded

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike Moran

    This is a revision of the first book (Original Strength) and in many ways refines and clears up the main part of the OS system. Better Pictures,clearer explanations and it is trickled with great stories of how OS has improved peoples lives!

    I first found OS through co-founder Geoff Neupert since I followed his Kettlebell books. I was skeptical at first. Much as Geoff points out in his own story with it. I would “fiddle” with the resets but never really consistently. About a year ago I decided with all the success everyone seems to have I would experiment. I went ALL IN. I use the resets daily now and usually more than once a day. The Results? STRONGER EVERYWHERE!! I can do L-Sit pull ups now. I can almost do a full One Arm Push Up without working on them. My Kettlebell work has vastly improved. My Karate technique is even faster,more fluid and powerful! Overall my entire body feels better,stronger and more resilient. I recently went to the Original Strength Institute to do the Pressing Reset workshop and the Pro Reset workshop to get certified to be an OS Coach. It is simply the easiest way to move and feel better!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    TC Lee (verified owner)

    This is the best small investment I ever made in my life for my health back in Dec 2015.I hurt my low back in March 2015 and had it treated but was still waking up every morning with a sore low back. It was extremely frustrating to me to be hurt for so long then. I was doubtful about the resets and the crawling. But started reading it in Jan 2016 and slowly implementating the resets and to my surprise I woke up one morning in March with no low back soreness at all. It was zero soreness. I start to feel normal again and today on 24th April I am still normal. And able to train like I used to. Yes these resets are very simple and very impactful. I had applied many of the resets in this books on my PT clients and I am still in awe how it made my clients move so much better and stronger. Yes this book literally saved my back and gave me back my normal life. I had since attended both the Pressing Resets and OS Pro workshops. Yes you can’t beat hands on experience!

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